Activities at camp


The PGL activities A-Z : From Abseiling to Trust Exercises


A thrilling rope challenge on the climbing tower.


A cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball – it’s an exhilarating sport.


You need accuracy, control and a steady hand to develop your technique.

Ball Sports

Traditional games including cricket, basketball, five-a-side soccer and volleyball develop skills and tactics.


Learn how to build a shelter in an on-site ‘wilderness’ environment.

Bush Walk

Make the most of your surroundings and develop knowledge of safe & sustainable interaction with outdoor environments.


Negotiate your way up a series of suspended obstacles.


Learn the basic techniques of climbing with a top-rope belay.

Crate Stack

Construct the highest crate stack and then climb to the top of it.

Flying Fox

A thrilling, high-speed adventure suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable.

Giant Swing

The ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making. How high will you go?

Initiative Exercises

Puzzle-solving, decision-making and teamwork are required in order to accomplish a set task.

Leap of Faith

Climb a six metre pole to make the dive for the trapeze bar.

Low Ropes

You need teamwork and communication to negotiate a series of obstacles and challenges.

Mud Run

The PGL mud run has plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Open Canoeing

Learn and develop paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills using a combination of games and instruction.


Map-reading skills are gained by locating control points within the boundary of the camp.

Possum Glider

The team on the ground pull on a rope, raising the participant almost 15 metres off the ground.

Raft Building

Built it well or you’re likely to get wet!

Team Challenge

A range of challenges designed to promote team building and healthy competition.

Trust Exercises

Fun activities promoting interaction, cooperation and participation from everybody.
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