Activities at camp


The PGL activities A-Z : From Abseiling to Team Challenge


A thrilling rope challenge on the climbing tower.


A cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball – it’s an exhilarating sport.


You need accuracy, control and a steady hand to develop your technique.

Ball Sports

Traditional games including cricket, basketball, five-a-side soccer and volleyball develop skills and tactics.


Learn how to build a shelter in an on-site ‘wilderness’ environment.

Bush Walk

Make the most of your surroundings and develop knowledge of safe & sustainable interaction with outdoor environments.


Learn and develop paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills using a combination of games and instruction.


Negotiate your way up a series of suspended obstacles.


Learn the basic techniques of climbing with a top-rope belay.

Crate Stack

Construct the highest crate stack and then climb to the top of it.

Flying Fox

A thrilling, high-speed adventure suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable.

Giant Swing

The ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making. How high will you go?

Initiative Exercises

Puzzle-solving, decision-making and teamwork are required in order to accomplish a set task.

Leap of Faith

Climb a six metre pole to make the dive for the trapeze bar.

Low Ropes

You need teamwork and communication to negotiate a series of obstacles and challenges.

Mud Run

The PGL mud run has plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved.


Map-reading skills are gained by locating control points within the boundary of the camp.

Possum Glider

The team on the ground pull on a rope, raising the participant almost 15 metres off the ground.

Raft Building

Build it well or you’re likely to get wet!

Team Challenge

A range of challenges designed to promote team building and healthy competition.

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