Benefits of the PGL programs

Benefits of PGL Camps in Australia for International Students

English language skills

From the moment students arrive at a PGL centre they are immersed in the English language, through lessons, cultural trips and adventure activities.

Growth in confidence

Students who attend PGL Adventure programs grow in self confidence which helps them achieve success.

Academic advantage

Experiencing a PGL program in Australia helps students stretch their ability, allowing them to widen their horizons, think differently and develop skills that put them ahead of their peers.

Leadership ability

All students are encouraged to set and explore personal goals and strengths throughout the program week. They also undertake activities which promote leadership and team working skills, inspiring them to gain a better understanding of themselves in a group environment.

New worldwide awareness

Students participating in a PGL program in Australia have the opportunity to learn about the country’s wildlife, explore its major cities and develop an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles.

Environmental awareness

Away from city life, PGL Adventure centres provide a unique setting in which students immerse themselves in learning about the Australian environment.




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