We are closely monitoring and following government guidelines and advice with respect to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
All PGL courses are currently operating as planned and we do not anticipate any changes to your program.

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PGL Infection Control Policy

1. Prevention and Minimising the Risk

Centre Operation: Centre Managers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all PGL staff and guests are aware, through briefings and signage, of the need to maintain basic personal hygiene and regular hand washing – and that this is followed up in practice
  • Ensuring catch it, bin it, kill it signage is on display in all communal bathrooms
  • Ensuring hand sanitiser fluid is available at appropriate points throughout the camps
  • Ensuring liquid soap is provided in all communal bathrooms
  • Ensuring that all PGL staff are aware of their obligation to report any illness and making sure that all guests are requested to make similar reports

In order to prevent viruses spreading, the following guidance sums up our approach and will be adopted at all PGL camps;

Health Advice - Infection Control Policy

2. Illness and Quarantine

We follow government and health and education department’s advice and guidelines. Any instances of sickness among guests or staff must be assessed on a case by case basis, but the priority is to establish:

  • The cause or potential cause of illness (with professional medical advice as necessary)
  • The potential for contagion or spread of the infection
  • The most appropriate course of action to minimise transmission and contagion; which may include asking the guest/staff member to leave site or to apply quarantine measures

In response to any illness outbreak, our aim is to isolate those individuals who are currently at high risk, to promote scrupulous personal hygiene. In addition, a vigorous cleaning programme will be established to minimise further transmission from the contaminated environment.
Any action taken must consider the ‘high risk’ areas of the camp operation; any points of congregation or where there is an increased risk of transmission or contagion through increased physical contact, considering:

  • Activities and other elements of the program
  • Dining room and catering facilities
  • Accommodation/communal and shared toilets
  • Shared/social areas of the camp

Additional quarantine and specific plans may need to be applied to individuals who are not presenting symptoms, but are at high risk as they are more susceptible to illness and infectious diseases than others; for example, those who are pregnant, have depleted immunity, have cancer or another serious physical medical condition, or are elderly.


Once any guest arrives on camp and either presents or develops symptoms during their stay; Centre Managers are responsible for taking all possible steps to mitigate the impact and reduce the risk of further infection and for:

  • Ensuring that contact for instructions is made with Australian Government Department of Health
  • Following instructions and advice issued by this department with regard to quarantine procedures and travel.
  • Ensuring that all quarantined guests and/or staff are clear of the procedures and are working in conjunction with Party Leaders, to ensure their day-to-day needs (e.g. care, supervision, eating, washing, cleaning) are met.
  • Maintaining a system for ‘tracking’ details of cases/suspected cases of infectious illness, with an early warning system that identifies any ‘clusters’ e.g. same school, same accommodation. It is recommended that this includes both a list and a map of camp, as this will aid identification of potential contagion.
  • Ensuring all staff nominated to undertake the role of Duty Manager and all heads of Department are familiar with the Infection Control Outbreak Response Plan and know how to access the appropriate designated resources.
  • Keeping up-to-date communication with appropriate members of staff who are specifically trained to respond to an outbreak. Where possible, a dedicated cleaning team for environmental cleaning and servicing should be appointed as this will limit the spread of contagion. No one involved in food handling should engage in this cleaning.

3. Communication

  • The Centre Manager (or during their absence the Duty Manager) will inform their Director
  • The Director will advise (as appropriate) who must be notified, following government guidelines
  • Party Leaders are responsible for communicating with parents/guardians

The Centre Manager will ensure that all Party Leaders / visitors / staff on site are reminded of the need for high standards of personal hygiene as detailed in the prevention section of this policy.

March 04 2020

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