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Facilitate brilliant student breakthroughs with the MASTER! program

** MASTER! program currently running at PGL Camp Rumbug (VIC) only. Contact us for interest in our other centres.

Elevate your senior students’ abilities and learning experiences with our brand-new MASTER! program, carefully crafted to offer the perfect balance of adventure, exploration, and challenge.

Out new MASTER! Program has been created exclusively to support secondary school students in enhancing their abilities, most notably in advanced problem solving, questioning, conservation, planning and organisational skills, through a journey-based approach. Ignite your students’ connection with nature as they navigate their way to base camp for a night camping out under the stars. Along the way, students encounter tasks and challenges carefully curated by our expert facilitators to enhance their resilience and team-building skills, boosting their self-confidence and collaboration skills.

But that’s not all! For the other half of their stay, your students can enjoy the comfort of our cosy bunk-style cabin accommodation and participate in exciting onsite activities. From Giant Swing to Canoeing, our team has designed a variety of experiences to enrich your students’ knowledge and skills beyond the walls of the classroom.

The best part? Our adventure unfolds within our vast, private wilderness property, providing peace of mind for your school, as well as the perfect backdrop for adventure, fun and learning breakthroughs.

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A group of teenagers hiking on a grassy trail, discovering nature as they carry backpacks and rolled-up sleeping mats.
Two men setting up a blue tent at a campsite surrounded by trees and other tents, ready to discover the outdoors.

Our MASTER! program

What breakthroughs will your students make?
Boosted Self-Confidence, in their abilities, fostering a positive attitude towards personal growth.
Strengthened Teamwork skills, through collaborative challenges, which will translate to success in the classroom and beyond.
Enhanced Leadership Skills, refining their decision-making and problem-solving capabilities through challenges.
Environmental Awareness through, connecting with the environment on a deeper level, fostering environmental appreciation and a sense of adventure.
Unforgettable Memories,  your students will create memories that will stay with them long after the adventure ends.

Are you ready to provide your students with an enriching adventure promoting growth, teamwork, and environmental awareness? Join us now and let nature’s classroom unlock your students’ full potential!

What they’ll get?

One night camping in a tent, and one night in our bunk-style cabin accommodation
Use of a tent, backpack & sleep mat while on the journey
A series of challenges and problems leading to our bush camping location, facilitated by PGL staff
Adventure activity sessions while at base camp
Sessions and activities tailored towards age, ability and learning outcomes

3 delicious, nutritious meals per day
Group of hikers with backpacks and rolled mats walking through a grassy hillside, surrounded by trees under a cloudy sky, set out to discover new trails.

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Time management and organisation
  • Self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Environmental awareness
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Appreciation for nature and the outdoors

Hard Skills

  • Campsite setup and equipment handling
  • Campfire safety
  • Outdoor meal preparation techniques
  • Navigation using a compass and map reading
  • Tent pitching and shelter construction
  • Knot tying and rope work
  • Basic first aid and safety procedures
  • Basic outdoor survival skills
  • Water purification and filtration methods
  • Outdoor gear care and maintenance
  • Leave No Trace principles
Illustrated schedule of a three-day team-building retreat with activities like archery, teamwork challenges, and campfires depicted in colorful circles linked by arrows. Discover a dynamic sequence of events designed to enhance collaboration and unity among participants.
Graphic of a sample itinerary for a camping trip, including icons and photos for activities like packing gear, trail walking, a bbq dinner, and a campfire. Discover new adventures with each activity set against a crumpled paper background.
Infographic depicting a schedule for a camping day, including wake-up, packing up, challenges, raft building, sports, and bed time, with corresponding illustrations to help you discover each activity.
Discover the itinerary for day 3 featuring breakfast, a youth climbing event, and canoeing, depicted with related images on a crumpled paper background.


How is this program different to a standard PGL multi-activity program?

The MASTER! Program is a step up from our cabin-based residential programs. It provides students the best of both worlds – an opportunity to camp under canvas, setting up their own tent for one night, paired with a night in our bunk-style cabin accommodation. This program also allows for adventure activity sessions while at base, as well as stretching students with some more immersive obstacles, challenges and opportunities to learn new skills outside the classroom.

How long is the program?

PGL can arrange this program for any number of nights for your students. Generally this is run as a 2-night stay, whereby one night is spent with students erecting their own tents and sleeping under canvas, and the other night is spent in our bunk-style accommodation blocks.  Alternatively this could be run with multiple days under canvas, depending on the size of the group. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can tailor a program to suit your school.

Can the program be adjusted to various ability levels?

Yes!  There is flexibility to adapt the following to various ability levels:

  • the length of the hike before arriving at the camping area; and
  • the level of challenge within the programmed activities;  and
  • the amount of equipment the students need to carry with them to camp.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What's included in the cost?

With PGL, there are no hidden costs. All activities, equipment, food and accommodation are included in the cost of the camp. For the camping portion of this program, all equipment is provided, including backpack, sleeping bag, liner, tent, sleep mat and gaiters.  Students will need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow for the bunk-style accommodation portion of their trip.

Skilled, trained Instructors will deliver the camping portion of the program at a ratio of 1:15, taking students through a series of challenges as they make their way to base camp and set up for the night.

Once the students are back at base camp, a selection of great adventure sessions and will help students make the most of the challenges and opportunities each activity presents. Use of all activity equipment for activity sessions is included.

Coach transport is not automatically included in the price, but we would be more than happy to help you arrange this – just contact us with your requirements.

What is not included in the cost?

There’s not much that’s not included in the cost with PGL.  In addition to the standard packing list,  students will need to bring all of their personal items, including sturdy shoes/hiking boots, waterproof jackets, and trousers.

Students and teachers will be provided with a sleeping bag and liner for the camping portion of the camp, however students will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow with them for the cabin portion of the camp (bedding is provided for teachers). Student bedding in the cabins can be arranged for an additional fee.

Waterproof jackets and/or trousers can also be provided by us at an additional fee.

How many people do the tents sleep?

During the camp-out portion of this adventure, students will stay in 2-3 person tents. Teachers will have single occupancy tents.

What do the groups eat?

This adventure is divided into two parts – the basecamp activity portion the campout adventure.

During the basecamp portion of their camp, students will eat their meals in the dining room and will eat from our delicious camp menu.

While students are out on the camp-out portion of their camp, the group will have a BBQ dinner, and breakfast at their campsite location.  This will be led by PGL staff with students helping with preparation, serving and clear-up. This time will also be spent having a de-brief, led by our team, aimed at helping the group to recall people, places and moments of the experience that they appreciated, and celebrating their success.

What happens at night time on this camp?

During the basecamp portion of their camp, your PGL Groupie will run fun and interactive evening activities with the students. Take a look here for some of the evening activities that your group may take part in.

For the camp-out portion, after students have set up camp and had dinner, PGL Instructors will arrange activities for students, which will be based around the campsite / campfire and could include games, stories and guided reflections.  This is the perfect time for students to reflect on their experiences, review their learnings and bond with their peers.

PGL Instructors will be camping near the group, and will be available to assist teaching staff overnight if required.

What are the safety protocols for the camp-out program at PGL?

We leave nothing to chance here at PGL when it comes to the safety of everybody who attends a school camp at our campsites. The camp-out program takes place within the boundaries of our beautiful 200-acre temperate rainforest environment, enabling the feeling of space and remoteness but with the safety and security of remaining on fully-fenced PGL property at all times.

Our PGL Instructors are equipped with radios and are in regular contact with support staff, along with access to onsite vehicles in the case of an emergency.

All adventure activities are carefully planned and led by trained instructors who adhere to strict safety guidelines. We regularly inspect and maintain our equipment to ensure a secure environment for all participants.

During the basecamp portion of your camp, PGL staff will also lead groups and instruct students and pupils on activity sessions, whilst we allow teachers and group leaders to continue to have responsibility for student behaviour and welfare. We also have a list of risk assessments and activity descriptions that you can view here.

What do I need to pack?

Here’s a handy link to our handy packing guide which will let you know everything that you need for a MASTER! camp adventure!

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DISCOVER! locations across Australia:

Explore Campaspe Downs (VIC)

An hour’s drive from Melbourne, PGL Campaspe Downs is set amid 180 acres of stunning natural bushland in the Macedon Ranges, close to Kyneton and Hanging Rock.

Explore Camp Rumbug (VIC)

The beautiful Camp Rumbug is located in the majestic hills of South Gippsland, two hours from Melbourne’s CBD and set in 200 acres of glorious temperate rainforest overlooking Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Explore Kindilan (QLD)

Located just 45 minutes from Brisbane and an hour from the Gold Coast, PGL Kindilan occupies a beautiful, 220 acre bushland site in Redland Bay, zoned a Conservation Area in South East Queensland.