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Exciting Summer Holiday Camps!

PGL Summer camps are the place to be! Children can explore, learn, make new friends, and enjoy the summer season with an enriching learning experience that helps build new skills and breeds confidence in children. 

Designed for children aged 8-14, our summer holiday camps are renowned for fun, exhilarating adventures that leave children awe-inspired and with a heap of enthusiasm as they develop. With experienced Activity Instructors and dedicated Group Leaders, awesome adventure activities, healthy meals and accommodation provided, your kids will never want to leave!

In January 2025, PGL will offer Summer holiday camp at:

  • PGL Kindilan, QLD | January 2025

Please note: PGL Campaspe Downs will not offer a Summer holiday program in 2025

Overnight Summer Holiday Camps

Your child can stay at our amazing summer holiday camp at PGL Kindilan and experience the adventure of a lifetime! An overnight stay at summer camp offers a learning experience that transforms, enthuses and inspires children. 

What’s more exciting than staying overnight at camp? Choosing your bunk bed, having a few nights of independence from your family and throwing yourself into fun and adventure. These camps include all accommodation, meals, adventure activities, evening entertainment and pastoral care from dedicated Group Leaders.

Check out our summer holiday camp options below:

PGL Kindilan

5day/4nights residential camp; or

3day/2nights residential camp

Summer Camp Adventure Days

If you want to get a little taster of what life is like on a summer holiday camp, then why not explore one of our adventure days? Prices are just $99, and your child can experience an action-packed day with fun and excitement from the first minute they arrive, all the way throughout the day until it’s time to depart for home.  

Day camps offer a full-day program experience of exciting adventure activities before being picked up in the afternoon. Day camps include lunch, morning and afternoon tea, exciting adventure activities and pastoral care from dedicated Group Leaders.

Check out the prices for our summer camps and day camps below. You can choose from either a 5-day/4-night option or a 3-day/2-night option – whichever summer camp you choose, the adventure never stops!

PGL Kindilan Summer Holiday Camps 2025!

Register your interest via the button below to keep up to date on our Summer Holiday Camp for 2025!

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Group of young people united in life jackets, smiling and paddling canoes on a river.
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If you have any trouble booking, please refer to this video for assistance, or call us on 1300 859 895.

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Why choose a PGL Summer Holiday Camp?

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Group of children in harnesses laughing and engaging in an outdoor rope-pulling activity in a forest setting.

Maybe you need to work over the holidays and don’t want the hassle of finding play dates and juggling childcare, or maybe you want your kids to make some amazing memories during the school break. We’ve got you. This is a week where you’re not going to have to worry about a thing.

Our summer holiday camps provide the perfect platform for your child to thrive and discover their inner daredevil. What’s more, we’re mindful of the fact that entertaining your child over the summer period isn’t always easy. 

PGL summer camps prioritise child wellbeing and safety, and we’ll ensure all of the following during their stay, giving you total peace of mind.

  • 24hr childcare from our experienced on-site teams
  • Excellent pastoral care provision from dedicated ‘Group Leaders’
  • Non-stop activities (think canoeing, archery, abseiling and so much more!)
  • Grouped by age so it’s easy to make friends
  • Proven to build confidence, independence and bravery
  • The magic of a PGL summer holiday camp (you don’t know until you try!)

A sample day on a PGL Summer camp

Schedule Activity
Breakfast Off to the dining room with the rest of your group to fuel up for the day, you’ll need plenty of energy to keep you going. Breakfast includes cereals, toast, cooked breakfast and fruit – you choose!
Activity 1 Giant Swing
Morning Tea
Activity 2 Aeroball
Lunch Worked up an appetite? Great – it’s time to replenish your energy stores with the dining room. If you have energy to spare after lunch you can have a quick kickabout with a ball or relax and chat with your new friends.
Activity 3 Raft Building
Afternoon Tea
Activity 4 Flying Fox
Dinner Time to eat again! A different menu each day.
Evening Activities Capture the Flag, Photo Challenge, Quizzes and much more – evening activities give you the chance to get together with everyone in your age group and have some laughs.
Bedtime Bedtime. The younger ones go first whilst older groups have a bit more time to chill out and chat or watch a movie. Then it’s lights out and time to sleep ready to do it all over again tomorrow!
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What happens at Summer camp?

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Fun and adventure galore!

It might be easier for us to tell you what doesn’t happen at summer camp because the action and adventure is endless! We’re here to make it as smooth as possible for your child to feel integrated and part of the fun from the first moments at summer camp. Our tailored groups are designed so that children are grouped together with others of the same age, making it easier for them to make friends and maintain ability levels.Children are grouped with others of the same age (to make it easier to make friends and maintain ability levels), and then

Each group is assigned its own PGL ‘Groupie’ for the duration of the camp. Groupies are responsible for nurturing an inclusive camp environment, as well as looking after your children’s health, safety and pastoral care at all times.

During their stay with us, children will be taken through a range of fun and challenging activities, which could include archery, flying fox, canoeing, abseiling, bushcraft and so much more! We provide the children with 3 delicious, nutritious and filling meals per day in our purpose-built dining rooms, and by night they stay in our comfortable cabin-style accommodation.

See Activities Available
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Summer Camps FAQs

What are summer camps?

Summer camps at PGL offer children the chance to experience a magical world of fun and adventure with other children of the same age. The picturesque surroundings of our fantastic summer camp venues allow children to explore the wonders of the natural world. Combining fun with educational value, our summer holiday programs provide opportunities for children to build confidence in a unique, captivating environment and learn valuable life skills. 

Our summer camps are tailored to the age of the children, and the learning outcomes of each primary school stage to ensure that activities are age-appropriate and students will get the most out of them.

What are the benefits of Summer holiday camps?

A Summer holiday camp is more than just fun activities. It allows children to experience new and challenging situations in a controlled environment, and take their first steps towards independence. At summer camp, children will develop self-confidence and resilience, spend time in nature (away from those pesky devices), have a chance to take on leadership roles, make a heap of new friends and make lifelong memories in the process!

What’s included in the Summer camp package?

PGL Summer Holiday Camps are unbeatable value – your child will enjoy endless fun and action from morning to bedtime, all with full supervision. Take a look at everything that’s included:

  • A daily program packed full of exciting activities
  • Use of approved equipment
  • Professional, friendly and encouraging activity instruction
  • Sympathetic care and supervision
  • Full board accommodation (not applicable to day camps)
  • Fun-filled evening entertainment (not applicable to day camps)
  • PGL certificates

What's not included?

  • Travel to camp
  • Insurance
  • Bedding
  • Towels

What are the checking in & out times?

Please find our arrival and departure times below.

Holiday Duration Arrive Depart
4-Night Camps Monday between 08.15 – 08.45am (first meal: morning tea) Friday between 5pm – 5.30pm (last meal: afternoon tea)
2-Night Camps Monday between 08.15 – 08.45am (first meal: morning tea) Wednesday between 5pm – 5.30pm (last meal: afternoon tea)
Day camps Tuesday -Friday arrive between 8.15am – 8.45am (first meal: morning tea) Depart between 5pm – 5.30pm (last meal: afternoon tea)

What is PGL's policy on mobile phones?

We recognise that most parents value their children having a mobile phone on holiday. We are happy for children to have a phone, but they will only be able to use them in situations where practical and safe to do so in line with our mobile phone policy, which can be viewed here.

Mobile Devices Policy

For example, use will not be allowed during activity sessions and after lights out. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to such devices, and we advise that you have adequate mobile phone insurance cover in place.

The following misuse of mobile devices could result in your child being sent home from their holiday:

  • Viewing or sharing inappropriate material
  • Abuse of social media
  • Any conduct that could be deemed as bullying or
  • Any other improper use of a mobile device (including theft or damage to another’s property).

What items are prohibited?

The below items are banned at all of our centres. Therefore, it is essential to check that your child does not have any of the following items with them during their stay at PGL:

Prohibited Items List
  • Alcohol & Drugs (including associate paraphernalia (grinders etc.)
  • Medicines of any kind, whether prescription or standard over the counter (e.g., paracetamol, hay fever tablets, travel sickness tablets etc.) that you have not handed in upon arrival at the centre and declared to our staff on a medical form.
  • Hazardous substances (e.g., glue, gas canisters, legal highs).
  • Any item that could constitute a weapon (e.g., pocket knife or scissors).
  • The means of lighting a fire (e.g., matches, lights, lighter fluid).
  • Inappropriate material (e.g., explicit adult content).
  • Cigarettes, Vapes and E-Cigarettes.

My child is 7yrs old (or 15 years old), can they attend the summer camp?

Our summer holiday camp program is currently only for 8 – 14-year-olds. As we continue to develop our programs there may be opportunities later in the year for younger (or older) guests.

Is there a group discount when enrolling more than one child?

Yes, there is! When booking more than one child into Summer camp, you can select the group discount tickets for the 2nd and subsequent children. The booking discount for a 5 day / 4 night camp is $50 per subsequent child, and the discount for a 3 day / 2 night camp is $25 per subsequent child.

Please note that this offer is for overnight camps only, and the family discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Is food included at a Summer holiday camp?

Yes, children will enjoy 3 delicious meals per day for every full day on Summer camp. Meals are included from lunch on their arrival day to lunch on their day of departure. We also include morning and afternoon tea daily.

For children on day camp packages, this will include lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea daily.

The food on a PGL Summer camp is healthy, nutritious and filling! With a full salad bar at lunch and dinner where children can return as often as they like, they will never go hungry!

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Can friends request to stay together in the same cabin?

Absolutely! Just add the names of your child’s friends to the online booking form at time of booking and we’ll do everything we can to room them together.  You can nominate friends that you would like them to room with and / or friends that you would like to join with them for activity sessions.

How safe are PGL’s summer holiday camps?

Safety is our top priority at PGL Australia. Our summer camps for kids are carefully planned and led by trained instructors who adhere to strict safety guidelines. We regularly inspect and maintain our equipment to ensure a secure environment for all participants.


Do PGL have risk assessments and a child safeguarding policy for the summer camps?

We also have a list of risk assessments and activity descriptions available to view on the link here. Our staff are trained in child safeguarding practices, and you can view our child safeguarding policy here.


Are PGL's summer camps accredited?

PGL has been successfully operating camps in Australia since 2014 and complies with all relevant licencing requirements for the sector.
PGL undertakes Essential Safety Measures compliance annually, which ensures that our camps are well-maintained and safe. This includes compliance with air handling systems, exit doors, emergency lighting, emergency power supply, fire detection and control instruments and sprinkler systems.

In regard to activity standards in Australia, there is no mandatory qualification for activity providers. PGL has voluntarily submitted to the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and been assessed as meeting all requirements. As this is not a mandatory accreditation, we believe that this puts PGL in a favourable position to competitors who have not been independently assessed for activity safety.

Additionally, PGL is accredited by the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) through the Australian Tourism Industry Council, signifying that we deliver a quality tourism experience. PGL is also accredited as a Camp and Adventure business under the same framework.

PGL is a member of the Australian Camps Association, a national peak body for camps and associated providers.

What are the expected standards of behaviour?

PGL staff will lead groups and instruct students on activity sessions.

Please read our Code of Conduct

Are the camps covered by public liability insurance, and what is the limit of liability?

PGL holds and will provide certificates of currency of insurances each year, including public liability insurance to $30,000,000 cover.

How does overnight supervision work?

PGL staff are onsite 24/7 and Group Leaders will be in close proximity to children’s rooms during their overnight stays. As part of their orientation and welcome, all guests will be made aware of how to contact a member of staff if needed, during the night, as well as their cabin location.

How do I book a summer holiday camp?

Register your interest via the button below to keep up to date on our Summer Holiday Camp for 2025!

What is the difference between a holiday camp and a day camp?

Holiday camps are designed for children who are confident to leave their parents overnight and throw themselves into a week of fun and adventure. Holiday camps can be either 5-days / 4-nights or 3-days / 2-nights. These include accommodation and all meals.


Our day camp program ensures that you can drop your children off in the morning and pick them up again in the afternoon, giving them a full day of fun and excitement during their school holidays. You can any single day which includes morning tea, lunch an afternoon tea.

What do I need to pack?

Here’s a link to our handy packing guide which will let you know everything that you need for a holiday camp adventure!

Still have questions about our summer camp program?

If you have a query that isn’t listed here, or you would like more information on any of the topics mentioned, please call us on 1300 859 895, and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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