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Attending a school camp is often the highlight of a child’s school experience. A chance to escape the confines of the classroom and interact with other children in a magical world filled with fun, adventure and laughter, the memories made here at PGL can last a lifetime. That’s why a PGL camp is the perfect place to take your class!

We’re here to offer an experience that your students and pupils will never forget, with a perfect combination of fabulous activities, educational value and exciting entertainment throughout. With decades of established experience in creating amazing school camp trips, we can help create an amazing environment for both primary and secondary school children that will enhance their learning and outcomes beyond the four walls of a classroom. So, why not get in touch today and request a quote to experience the wonders of a PGL school camp?

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The educational benefits of school camps

Whilst school camps offer a fun escape for children, the importance of choosing a location that offers educational value is just as important. If you can combine leisure with learning, then even better! That’s our mantra and what we believe and what our programs set out to achieve. Choosing PGL for your school camp provides many educational benefits such as:

    • We help develop independence and build resilience for children with our series of challenging activities that take children out of their comfort zones.
    • For younger children, it may be their first time away from home, allowing them to develop a wider world perspective that enhances their appreciation for new learning experiences.
    • School camps offer children a great way to absorb new information in an exciting environment.
    • New skills are invaluable for the development of children. With a school camp to PGL, there’s an abundance of activities where your pupils or students can master the craft and enhance their existing skill sets.

What your school camp program may look like?

Our school camps are packed full of adventure from the moment you arrive.


Description Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Enjoy a delicious breakfast with your friends Fuel up for your final day at camp
Morning Activities Arrive and find out all about camp! Have a ball on your two morning activity sessions. Enjoy your final morning activity sessions
Lunch Eat your packed lunch and get ready for a big afternoon of fun! Enjoy a delicious lunch in the dining room. Swap stories over lunch
Afternoon Activities Enjoy two adventure activity sessions. After lunch try your hand some new activities! Wave farewell until next time
Dinner Time to eat again! Enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert. Time to eat again! Enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert.
Evening Activities The fun doesn’t stop after dark!  Think campfires, quizzes and so much more. More fun in store for you tonight!
Bedtime Fall into bed, exhausted from a full day of adventure!  Get your body ready to do it all again tomorrow! Fall into bed, exhausted from a full day of adventure!  Get your body ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Depending on the type of school camp you embark upon, and your desired learning outcomes will determine the type of program PGL designs for you and your group.

We ensure our school camps are bespoke to the needs and requirements of your group. We can also accommodate dietary requirements and accessibility where possible. If you have any questions take a look at our additional needs policy and please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why choose PGL for your school camp

Valuable learning experiences, exhilarating activities and thrilling challenges, PGL school camps have it all! But, there are many other benefits that make a school camp to one of our camps all the more worthwhile! Take a look at the many perks you’ll receive and benefit from during your school camp stay:


  • Dedicated group leader – Your ‘PGL Groupie’ will ensure your pupils or students get the most from your PGL experience. They’ll be with you throughout your entire stay, providing you with all the support you need.
  • Action-packed evenings full of entertainment – Once the sun sets, the fun doesn’t stop! Each night is filled with activities and entertaining things to see and do, so everybody can unwind and relax after a busy day at camp!
  • Age-appropriate activities – Our itineraries are carefully designed with your pupils and students in mind. We’ll tailor the levels of challenges to test and develop children, pushing them to their limits whilst building their confidence.
  • Expert instructor-led sessions – Our highly-experienced instructors care of everything so that you don’t need to worry about it. You can join in the sessions with your students or pupils and experience new things too, allowing you time to watch as they develop and take on the challenges.
  • 1:10 ratio -We provide 1:10 free place ratios for teachers for you to take advantage of during your booking.
  • Quick and easy activity access – We help to maximise the amount of leisure and fun children can experience during their school camp. We have multiple lines of access so that children can access each challenge quickly without long waiting times.
  • Transport to and from the site – If required, we’ll organise transportation for you and your group to and from one of our PGL camps.

We simply love welcoming groups to PGL school camp adventures, as we want to uplift children to achieve the most that they can in the most exciting way possible through a combination of leisure and learning. Motivating students is what we’re great at, and it provides lots of benefits for you too. Check out our blog post on the importance of student motivation for children.

What to expect when you visit a PGL Adventure Camp


What are the different types of school camps that PGL offer?

We offer school camps for both primary and secondary school children. Our tailored itineraries are designed to provide fun and excitement for children combined with maximising educational value. Programs are specifically designed to meet the desired educational outcomes highlighted by school teaching staff.

What is included in the full cost of a PGL school camp?

Booking school camp adventures with PGL means you get everything in with the cost. We don’t do hidden fees, all your amazing activities, use of equipment, food during your stay and accommodation costs are included.

You’ll also have a dedicated group leader to guide you through your school camp, offering advice and help whenever you need it.

For a small additional fee, you have the option of adding Morning and Afternoon tea as well as Supper to your booking. We can also provide bedding (pillow, doona) for an additional fee if required (fitted bed sheet is automatically included).

Coach transport is not automatically included in the price, but we would be more than happy to help you arrange this – just contact us with your requirements.

What facilities does the accommodation have?

The accommodation at each of our camps is slightly different, but all student rooms are housed in comfortable, multi-share rooms, either with ensuite facilities or with toilet and shower facilities nearby. Teachers are generally accommodated in single, twin or triple rooms with ensuite accommodation, with bedding and towels provided. Please see individual camp pages for accommodation details specific to the camp where you’ll be staying.

Whichever camp you stay at, we ensure that you and your school camp group will be comfortable.

See the individual camp pages below for more information on their specific accommodation.

PGL Campaspe Downs, PGL Camp Rumbug and PGL Kindilan.

What kind of facilities can my group expect during the school camp?

Across our three different PGL camps, there are variations in the facilities available and the layout of each campsite. All contain excellent facilities that will enhance the experience of your school camp. See the individual camp pages below for more information on their specific facilities and camp accommodation.

PGL Campaspe Downs, PGL Camp Rumbug and PGL Kindilan

Do you accommodate special dietary requirements for your school camps?

The health and well-being of all children who attend a PGL school camp is of paramount importance to us. We provide three healthy, high-energy meals per day, with plenty of variety, and we always serve generous portions of fruit and vegetables for a balanced meal. A vegetarian alternative can always be provided, and we can accommodate most special diets required on medical or religious grounds but in all cases, we will require full details at the time of booking – just let us know!

I’m interested in booking a school camp to PGL. What’s the best way to make an enquiry?

Making a school camp booking is simple. You can submit an enquiry via our website, contact us via email at or call us on 1300 859 895 for any queries or to book your group in. Our sales staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and will be able to help you out with any questions that you may have.

What are the safety protocols for school camps at PGL?

We leave nothing to chance here at PGL when it comes to the safety of everybody who attends a school camp at our campsites. All our school camp activities are carefully planned and led by trained instructors who adhere to strict safety guidelines. We regularly inspect and maintain our equipment to ensure a secure environment for all participants.

PGL staff will also lead groups and instruct students and pupils on activity sessions, whilst we allow teachers and group leaders to continue to have responsibility for student behaviour and welfare. We also have a list of risk assessments and activity descriptions that you can view here.