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Challenge, engage and inspire your secondary school students

Secondary school camps provide so many exciting opportunities for students to develop their curiosity and sense of adventure. It also offers them a chance to connect with their inner daredevil, build bonds with their peers and explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

Life at one of our fantastic adventure camps is a chance for your high school students to realise their potential, build confidence and experience success as part of a team.

We work closely with teachers to facilitate the curriculum-based learning outcomes that you want your students to achieve. With PGL, all high school camp activities are included and run 100% by PGL staff, meaning that you can relax and focus on having fun with your group. Each session is designed to challenge, motivate and inspire – on land, water and in the air! And the fun doesn’t stop after dinner – we offer an exciting evening program packed full of free activities every night, run by PGL staff!!


What camping activities can high school students enjoy?

You may have heard about the exciting range of camping activities for high school students that we have on offer here at PGL, but there’s nothing like a detailed insight to whet your appetite.

Here’s a little taster of what you can expect to enjoy on a secondary school camp:

  • Abseiling – Conquer your fears by walking backwards over the edge of a climbing tower.
  • Climbing – Students will learn basic techniques and skills before scaling the wall. 
  • Canoeing – Take to the water and develop your paddling techniques and teamwork skills.
  • Flying Fox – Fly above the water at high speed whilst suspended to an overhead cable.
  • Giant Swing – Students will fly through the air whilst hanging from the harness. Are you ready to conquer your fears? 
  • Leap of Faith – Ascend the six-metre pole and take a daring dive off the trapeze. 
  • Raft Building – A fun task that involves building a raft fit for floating. Sink or swim? That’s what may happen if you fail to get it right! 

Our professional instructors will always be on hand to make sure all your students are safe during the fun. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to relax and enjoy your experience at PGL too! 

Discover lots more about our adventure activities here.

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Two children wearing helmets and life jackets smiling while holding a blue paddle during a school camp rafting activity.
A child in a harness at PGL camps joyfully reaches for a hanging buoyant ball against a backdrop of blue sky and trees.

Anything but textbook on a PGL Adventure

Our R.E.A.C.H framework tailors programs for secondary school learning, providing age-appropriate activities and learning outcomes for your students.

We’ve listened to what learning outcomes matter to schools and pupils. And, with our new R.E.A.C.H. framework we’ve designed outdoor adventures that spark these breakthroughs.

Our exclusive R.E.A.C.H programme encompasses:

  • Relationships
  • Experiences
  • Ability
  • Character
  • Health & wellbeing

Breakthrough Programs

Advertisement for "R.E.A.C.H Unite!" school adventures by PGL, featuring a student swinging on a rope with text promoting relationship-building activities for year 7-9 students.


Relationship-boosting adventures designed exclusively for secondary schools.

Female student with a large backpack looks towards her right on a bright day; beside her, a promotional banner reads "PGL Camp Rumbug: ability-enhancing experiences for secondary students.


Ability-enhancing experiences for
secondary students.


Why choose PGL for your secondary school adventure camp?

Wave img
Six children in safety vests and helmets excitedly discover rafting as they pose with thumbs up on a sunny day.
A child in a harness at PGL camps joyfully reaches for a hanging buoyant ball against a backdrop of blue sky and trees.

We look forward to working with you to prepare a memorable and fulfilling camp experience for you and your students.

We know that teachers are busy, and we aim to assist by making things as simple as possible to work with us through:

  • Personalised secondary school camp program planning
  • PGL ‘Groupie’ – a member of the team who will be dedicated to you and your group for the whole of your stay
  • Free evening entertainment program. The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down! We provide staffed activities for each night that you’re on camp to take the pressure off you.
  • 100% instructor-led sessions. We run all of your sessions so that you don’t have to. Relax and enjoy spending time with your high school students!
  • More lines = more turns. At PGL we have multiple lines for many activities, meaning that instead of standing around waiting for their next turn, your students will have more opportunities to experience the activity.
  • Transport organisation
  • Risk assessments for all activities are easily downloadable
  • Dietary support
  • 1:10 free place ratios for teachers

Secondary school camp learning benefits

Aside from all the amazing activities for your high school students to enjoy, we understand the learning benefits are just as important. At PGL we believe that not all classrooms have walls and that adventure camps can often be a great facilitator for student breakthroughs. Our high school camps allow students to develop so many new skills which they can transfer to a classroom environment as well as in the real world.

Teachers have reported marked improvements in many student outcomes as a result of our outdoor adventure camps. The most common of these are:

  • Increased resilience
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Improved interpersonal relationship skills

Need a little inspiration to engage your students? Discover more about our learning activities in our blog post here.

What to expect when you visit a PGL Adventure Camp


What are secondary school camps?

This is a fascinating experience that combines educational value and adventure activities together. Students can challenge themselves in a learning environment like no other! Outdoor learning provides students with a unique chance to discover thrilling new experiences and connect with the natural world.

Secondary school camps enable students to explore unique places, build interactions with their peers and further develop a broad range of skills. With so many opportunities to uncover, your group will leave PGL with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and skills!

Can I work alongside PGL to help tailor high school camps?

We tailor our high school camps to meet the learning objectives that you desire. We’ll work closely alongside you to ensure your educational goals align with the chosen subject focuses. We aim to provide fun, captivating experiences for children, whilst ensuring the learning outcomes of teachers are fulfilled too. We’ve been creating life-enriching camp experiences for a long time, so we know exactly how to develop a program that is going to work for you and your students.

We have two programs forming part of our exclusive R.E.A.C.H Framework which pertain to High school students. These are our UNITE! Program (perfect for Year 7-9) and our MASTER! Program (for senior students).

How does a secondary school camp help achieve the educational objectives for my group?

We have decades of experience in planning and delivering high-quality educational camps for children of all ages. Our secondary school camp programs are jam-packed full of exhilarating activities, designed to inspire students as they prepare for the next stage in their development. We promote teamwork, communication, physical activity, and most importantly, fun! We’re confident in our ability to design educational value that engages students in learning. Discover more in our blog post on how to engage your students in learning.

What’s included in the cost of a high school adventure camp?

With PGL, there are no hidden costs. All activities, equipment, food and accommodation are included in the cost of the camp. You’ll even benefit from a dedicated PGL Group Leader who will support you and your group for your entire stay, and ensure you have everything you need.

Skilled, trained instructors deliver a selection of thrilling adventure sessions, guiding secondary school students through challenges and opportunities to maximise their experiences. All necessary equipment for activity sessions is provided, and we even offer staffed Evening Activities, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in the fun while we handle the logistics.

For a nominal extra charge, schools can opt for Morning and Afternoon tea, as well as Supper, enhancing the overall experience. Bedding, including a pillow and doona, can be supplied for an additional fee, with a fitted bed sheet automatically included.

While coach transport is not inherently part of the package, we’re more than happy to assist in organising it to meet your specific requirements. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll ensure a smooth and convenient journey for your secondary school’s adventure.

How do I book a secondary school camp?

The process for booking a secondary school camp is simple. You can submit an enquiry via our website, contact us via email at or call us on 1300 859 895 for any queries or to book your group. Our sales staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and will be able to help you out with any questions that you may have.

Check out our Booking Terms & Conditions.

Booking Terms & Conditions

What is the pre-arrival process and timeline?

PGL have many years of experience in running camps and we have this down to a fine art. We work together with teachers/group leaders to ensure that you (and we) have all of the information that we need to provide an outstanding school adventure camp experience. We rely on teachers/group leaders to provide the information requested promptly. Here is a guideline to our timeframes:

  • 6 weeks before arrival: The Party Leader will receive an Important Camp Information Email which outlines the deadlines of when specific information will be required
  • 4 weeks before arrival: The Party Leader will need to advise us of final numbers of attendees as well as gender splits to assign rooming. Party leaders will also discuss activity preferences at this time.
  • 2 weeks before arrival: We provide the Party Leader with the Activity Program and Rooming Plan. The Party Leader will need to provide us with Dietary and Medical requirements for all attendees (staff and students)
  • 1 week before arrival: The Party Leader will receive an email from us confirming all details and invite them to rebook future camp dates.

What is secondary school camp accommodation like?

The accommodation at each of our secondary school camp locations is slightly different, but students are all housed in comfortable, multi-share rooms, either with ensuite facilities or with toilet and shower facilities nearby. 

A fitted bed sheet is provided, but parents will need to be informed of some provisions they will need to ensure they pack for their children, including pillows, sleeping bags and towels. Bedding can be arranged for an additional fee. Teachers are generally accommodated in single, twin or triple rooms with ensuite accommodation, and bedding and towels are provided for teachers. Please see the individual camp pages below for accommodation details specific to the camp where you’ll be staying. 

Our dedicated blog post on secondary school camp accommodation offers lots more detail.

What outdoor activities can my high school group enjoy?

At each of our three high school camp locations, we have over 20 different activities, all designed to motivate, build confidence and develop resilience. We have water, air and land-based activities, offering a wide range of amazing thrills and spills, packed full of excitement! Our specialised Activity Programers will put together a program of adventure camp activities for students based on the age and abilities of the participants, and the individual learning outcomes identified by the school or group.

Each of our PGL centres offers a range of exhilarating secondary school camp activities which include:

  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Giant Swing
  • Raft Building
  • And many more…

What facilities does each secondary school camp have?

Our three PGL camps for secondary schools offer a range of brilliant facilities and accommodations that make your visit a bit more special. Check out the individual camp pages for more information.

PGL Campaspe Downs, PGL Camp Rumbug and PGL Kindilan.

Do you accommodate special dietary requirements?

We want to inspire children to a healthier lifestyle that includes a tasty, balanced diet. We provide three healthy, high-energy meals per day, with plenty of variety, and we always serve generous portions of fruit and vegetables for a balanced meal. A vegetarian alternative can always be provided, and we can accommodate most special diets required on medical or religious grounds but in all cases, we will require full details at the time of booking – just let us know!

Morning and afternoon tea are available at each of the camps for a small supplement. Please speak with our Customer Relations team when you book! If anyone in your camp is celebrating a birthday during their time on camp, please let us know, and we can make special arrangements to help them celebrate in style!

How do you manage child welfare and safety at secondary school camps?

We prioritise the safety and wellbeing of every single individual who attends one of our secondary school camps. Each one of our activity offerings is carefully planned and led by trained instructors who adhere to strict safety guidelines. We also carry out regular checks on all equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained. 

Your dedicated ‘groupie’ will also advise you on any safety aspects throughout your secondary school trips. We allow teachers and group leaders to continue to have responsibility for student behaviour and welfare. You can find all risk assessments and activity descriptions available in our resources section

Our staff are trained in child safeguarding practices – view our child safeguarding policy to find out more.

Is there an evening activity program on offer?

Your program doesn’t stop after the daytime activities! After your action-packed day, we run a tailored evening entertainment program led by our own PGL staff which is guaranteed to keep you and your group busy and happy until bedtime!

Are PGL Australia’s secondary school camps accredited?

PGL Australia has been successfully operating outdoor school camps in Australia since 2014 and complies with all relevant licencing requirements for the sector.

PGL undertakes Essential Safety Measures compliance annually, which ensures that our camps are well-maintained and safe. This includes compliance with air handling systems, exit doors, emergency lighting, emergency power supply, fire detection and control instruments and sprinkler systems.

Regarding activity standards in Australia, there is no mandatory qualification for activity providers. PGL has voluntarily submitted to the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and has been assessed as meeting all requirements. As this is not a mandatory accreditation, we believe that this puts PGL in a favourable position to competitors who have not been independently assessed for activity safety.

Additionally, PGL is accredited by the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) through the Australian Tourism Industry Council, signifying that we deliver a quality tourism experience. PGL is also accredited as a Camp and Adventure business under the same framework.

PGL is a member of the Australian Camps Association, a national peak body for camps and associated providers.

What are school camp behaviour expectations?

PGL staff will lead groups and instruct secondary school students on outdoor activity sessions, teachers/group leaders continue to have responsibility for student behaviour and welfare.

Please read our Code of Conduct

Are the school adventure camps covered by public liability insurance, and what is the limit of liability?

PGL holds and will provide certificates of currency of insurance each year, including public liability insurance to $30,000,000 cover.

What do I need to pack?

Here’s a handy link to our school camp packing guide which will let you know everything that you need for a PGL Adventure!

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