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Want to know how to build relationships with your students? School camps are a fantastic option for getting out and about with your students, competing in various adventure activities while learning! Building relationships with students is a surefire way to increase the chances of getting the most from your students when in the classroom.


Why building relationships with students is important

Building relationships with students has a wealth of benefits, and it can really help to boost the environment of your classroom. Here’s why building relationships with students is important:

  • Trust – Building relationships with students develops teacher-student trust, creating a safe space for learning.
  • Increased engagement & motivation – A strong relationship with your students can really boost their learning. You can see increased engagement and motivation as students respect their relationships that they have with you.
  • Improved student behaviour – A student who has a great relationship with you is more likely to listen to your instructions and behave in class.

These benefits can enhance your student’s learning experience inside and outside the classroom!


How to build relationships with students at camp

Develop trust

This is arguably one of the most valuable things you can do with your students, especially with younger students. You can build trust on camp by letting your students know that you’re there to help them.

PGL ‘Groupies’ are super-friendly and always on-hand to support yourself and your students to grow and develop that bond of trust. By being that support away from home, you can see huge benefits in the relationship with your class!

Have a 1-on-1 chat

Need to discuss anything with individual students while at camp? Having a 1-on-1 chat offers the chance for students to speak with you privately, about any concerns they may have, or just a chance to get to know each other better. At camp, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat with your students, whether that’s during free time, during activity sessions, during meal times, during evening entertainment or even walking between activities.

Get to know more about your students

There are many things you can take away from a school camp, but one of the most important is further understanding your students’ interests and hobbies, skills, abilities and areas of opportunity. With the variety of activities available at PGL, you’ll get to see what kinds of things your students like and don’t like, how they react to different situations; and where they could use some extra support. Sometimes students shine in situations which you would never have imagined, or struggle where you thought they would excel. Withith our 100% instructor-led activity sessions, you get more time to observe, bond and focus on your students as individuals!

Create a positive and fun learning environment

We’ll help you with this, all you need to do is bring your students! We have a range of activities that support teamwork and problem-solving skills, resilience, confidence and more! What can be a more fun learning environment than being surrounded by best friends and taking on a number of epic adventure activities together?


Develop your student relationships with PGL

Now you know how to build relationships with students at camp, why not experience some of the PGL magic for yourself on a school camp trip? Check out our school camps which include primary school camps and secondary school camps.

Your group are at the heart of what we do. We put safety first with 100% instructor-led activity sessions, which also allows you to bond with your students rather than running the sessions yourself, as you usually would in the classroom. Your PGL Groupies are also always available for any questions you or your students may have, just ask!

Why not contact us today and we’ll be on hand to help arrange a fantastic school camp for you and your group!