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Kids adore adventures! There are new things to explore, see, and do. As students progress through school, opening up opportunities for them to explore the world around them is super important, and it also allows them to have plenty of fun while doing it!

At PGL we know a thing or two about adventures, having hosted adventure school camps at our centres for many years. So we thought what’s better than showing you some of the adventure activities for students that we offer at camp!


 School camp activities

Our range of activities are huge, featuring watersports, land-based challenges and more. There are so many that we can’t fit them all here, but what we can do is highlight some activities that are both popular and beneficial to school students. Let’s dive in!


A fantastic activity to build teamwork skills! After learning the basics of map reading, your students will be split up into small groups and set off on an adventure to locate the control points. Using the skills they’ve just learnt, it’s time to put them into action and explore the area! Who will take the lead in their group? Who will help others that are struggling to understand? Orienteering builds on so many skills that will definitely be helpful back in the classroom. We find this activity works particularly well with upper primary students.


2 – 3 students can fit in a canoe, making this activity a team effort. This watersport is heaps of fun! After learning how to paddle and move as a team, in come the games. Canoeing develops a range of teamwork skills, with great communication needed to succeed in this activity. This activity works well across a range of age-groups as we can cater the games and activities to the students’ abilities.


Although this activity also requires support from others to give students the confidence to walk backwards down a climbing tower while harnessed in, individuality shines through here with self-confidence being a great influencer of whether students believe they can make it down themselves. It’s certainly a thrilling activity, and can boost students’ confidence once they complete it! This activity works well for secondary school students, who relish this challenge.

Raft Building

Kids are incredibly creative. Well, let’s see how creative they can get when asked to build a functioning raft from the components provided. Ideas are welcomed from everyone in the team in this challenge, meaning teamwork is the key to success in this activity too. It’s all about communicating effectively and decision-making, so they’re able to build the best raft possible that’ll see them float to victory! This activity can be tailored to all year levels, so is a great activity for all ages!


Why are school camp activities great for students?

Our adventure activities for students encourage the development of a range of skills and feelings, such as confidence, team work skills, resilience, decision-making, leadership skills and many more. We love seeing students with a smile on their face, and it’s great to see them develop even during their short time with us at PGL — it must be that PGL magic!


Develop your students’ skills at PGL!

Now you know all about our epic school camp activities, why not check out our school camps which include primary school camps and secondary school camps, located at Campaspe Downs (VIC), Camp Rumbug (VIC) and Kindilan (QLD).

Your group are at the heart of what we do at PGL. We put safety first with 100% instructor-led activity sessions, which also allows you to bond with your students rather than running the sessions yourself, as you usually would in the classroom. Your PGL groupies are also always available for any questions you or your students may have, just ask!

Why not contact us today and we’ll be on hand to help arrange a fantastic school camp for you and your group!