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The importance of social skills development is one that can’t be overlooked. We all want our little ones to grow into well-rounded adults, and building social skills is one way to start helping them develop early. And we can assure you that our social skills activities for kids at PGL are super-exciting and so much fun! So much in fact that your little ones won’t even know how much it’s actually helping with their personal growth.


Develops effective communication

Building social skills fosters the development of communication skills, which is a vital life tool that can help your kids through many stages of life, from making friends at school to moving into higher education or working life!

Your kids work on this aspect of social skills at PGL daily, just being around other like-minded youngsters during bedtime, in the dining room, and throughout the adventurous activities.


Work better in a team

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Well, this takes centre stage at a PGL camp. Through developing social skills, your kids can enhance their teamwork skills which are extremely valuable for use in the classroom, at their sports clubs and in later life. It’s all about blending strengths and overcoming challenges together!

We have plenty of opportunities for your kids to develop their social skills in team environments in our epic adventure activities (more on that later!).


Build confidence

Making new friends and trying new activities helps to build your kids’ confidence massively! Developing social skills gives your little ones the confidence to take on leadership roles, share their ideas and build new relationships. Camp confidence can go a long way in the real world!


Social skills activities for kids

Now that we’ve covered the importance of social skills in kids, let’s take a look at how an adventure camp with PGL can support this!

Bush Craft

Your kids will develop their social skills in this activity by working collectively with their team to build a shelter and complete other wilderness tasks. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to share their thoughts and ideas by putting their points across.

Challenge Course

Lots of negotiation is required to beat our challenge course, but your kids can do it with some fantastic teamwork and great social skills! Enjoy taking on the obstacles as your kids plan the best way over, under and around it! They’ll need to cheer each other on and really encourage each other to complete this as a team.


Who will step up in our orienteering challenge and divide up the roles of the team? This activity is perfect for developing social skills and it provides the opportunity for a leader to come forward and plan their way to victory!



We hope these tips for summer camp help your kids have the best time away! If you think your kids would enjoy a thrilling adventure with PGL, why not check out our holiday camps for kids?

For teachers, you can book your learners onto one of our school camps which include primary school camps and secondary school camps, located at Campaspe Downs (VIC), Camp Rumbug (VIC) and Kindilan (QLD). You can also check out our newest programs (as part of our R.E.A.C.H Framework: DISCOVER! and UNITE!), designed to focus on a selection of education outcomes.

Your group are at the heart of what we do at PGL. We put safety first with 100% instructor-led activity sessions, which also allows you to bond with your students rather than running the sessions yourself, as you usually would in the classroom. Your PGL groupies are also always available for any questions you or your students may have, just ask!

Why not contact us today and we’ll be on hand to help arrange a fantastic adventure camp for your children or students!