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Physical activity offers excellent physical and mental stimulation benefits, helping students stay motivated. We understand that students may sometimes feel slightly unenthused and need a little spark to motivate them. 

Activities incorporating lots of physical activity are just the tonic. Here at PGL, we have many fantastic opportunities for students to experience to spark joy and motivation. Our action-packed holiday camps are full of physical activities for students to immerse themselves in, leaving them inspired by their new adventures. 


Why motivating students is important

When students are engaged, it usually means they’re motivated and ready to learn. Engaging students during their education brings big benefits for you, as it is extremely rewarding when students take something valuable from your teaching. Keeping students engaged can be challenging, mainly when attention spans are shorter than they used to be. 

Have you thought about a little light-hearted exercise or two before the start of your lessons to help create a buzz amongst students and boost their motivation? If you feel that student motivation and engagement is a little low and you need an exciting idea or strategy to ignite the spark in your students, then our motivation-boosting tips might just do the trick. 


Offer regular encouragement

Sometimes, students can feel they aren’t praised enough or don’t feel they are getting much from their education. This leads to a loss of motivation, and you may be able to sense this from a student’s behaviour or any work that has been submitted. Ensuring positive affirmation can have a big impact on students, making them feel valued and that there are things they are doing well. 


Creative learning techniques

Keep things interesting by mixing up the structure of lesson delivery. Sometimes, lessons with a quirky element can ensure monotony doesn’t become an issue. Keep students guessing by introducing fun and engaging ways that will aid motivation. Having a few minutes devoted to classroom-based exercises at the outset of your lesson can help boost those endorphins. There is nothing like it to help children better absorb the educational information you feed them. 


Reward and incentivise

You can offer a small reward for completing a task or create a challenge requiring splitting students into teams. This doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence. Still, devising tasks that involve an element of competition will help immediately capture attention and motivate students, mainly if there is the possibility of a cool prize to play for! 


Fun and informative

Keeping things fun and entertaining is essential! Children love to laugh, play and interact, and offering a platform that maximises their ability to do this will put smiles on faces and help them flourish. We’re pioneers of fun and happiness at PGL and want to see every child laugh and smile their way through our holiday camps. 


Physical activities at PGL

Physical activity is at the heart of what we do at PGL. What epitomises our ethos is our commitment to activity offerings that are a great blend of adventure, challenges, fun and inspiration. Here’s a little insight into our physical activities



Combining trampolining, basketball and volleyball – Aeroball is unique, but it always raises spirits and invigorates children. Players are assigned to a team to get the ball in the opposing team’s net. It helps foster great communication skills, challenges students physically and requires tremendous teamwork if they want to come out on top. 


Low Ropes

Low in height but high in physicality, the low ropes are a great test of strength and teamwork. Children negotiate a tricky series of unassuming obstacles that require a combination of balance, bravery and boldness to achieve the objective of completing the course. The big question is, have they got what it takes?  



Learn to paddle and experience the physical demands of paddling with our canoeing activities. Listening and engagement are crucial, as students must ensure they know the techniques and instructions well to excel. Collaborating with their peers in water-based games is a vital component if they want to master the art of paddling. 


Boost student motivation and engagement at PGL!

If you like the sound of our camps for primary or secondary school students, then you’ll be glad to know we offer great residential school trips packed full of fun, thrills and adventure. 

At PGL, we have camps in Victoria (PGL Campaspe Downs & PGL Rumbug) and Queensland (PGL Kindilan)! So, contact us today to arrange your next residential school trip.