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Outdoor play is one of the best ways for kids to have fun, and it comes with heaps of benefits. Whether they're out playing with friends at the park or joining us on one of our outdoor holiday camps, these are fantastic ways to reap the benefits of outdoor learning activities.

At PGL, we offer a range of holiday camps for kids with unique activities to get involved with! 


Why outdoor learning is important

We know a thing or two about outdoor learning activities and what makes them so important. Not only are they an enjoyable way for kids to release energy, meet new friends and have fun in the great outdoors, but they're also crucial for their development.

The benefits of outdoor learning spaces


Boost social skills

We all know kids love a natter, right? Well, outdoor learning spaces provide an opportunity for them to socialise with friends or even meet new people and create friendships. On a holiday camp adventure with PGL, kids get the chance to mix with others as they tackle challenges, compete against each other and have fun playing their favourite games and sports.

Helps kids become more independent

When it comes to the benefits of outdoor learning spaces, they're awesome at giving kids the freedom to express themselves and try new things. That's why our holiday camps are so great for the development of your little ones. Whether they're staying for a few nights or just the day, both are good opportunities for helping them become more independent.  

Develops health and fitness

All the running around while playing games or sports can also help their physical fitness. During our holiday camps, kids can take part in a range of energetic activities that foster the development of their physical health and fitness. 

Happy, happy, happy

It's all about fun! Outdoor play is one of the best ways for kids to have an enjoyable time with friends. When we see kids at our camps happy, it puts a smile on our faces too. That's our number one priority when groups come to our camps, and we'll keep it that way!

Our outdoor play activities



Tackle the climbing tower with the support of peers. This outdoor learning activity is a fantastic way for kids to develop independence by beating the wall on their own as they make their way to the bottom from the top of the tower.

Laser Tag

Dodge, duck, and dive to avoid opponents' lasers in our bushland setting. This thrilling activity develops physical health and fitness as well as communication skills. Teamwork is the key to success! Which team will come out on top?

Team Challenge

Players must collaborate effectively as they take on a variety of team challenges. This is an excellent way for players to get to know each other as they work as a team to complete the tasks as fast as possible.

Book your kids' outdoor adventure today!

Our holiday camps give your kids an unforgettable holiday break! We hope we've helped you recognise the importance of outdoor play and what makes them so great! With kids of similar ages and staff who make sure the school holiday activities are done safely and with the most fun, our adventure camps are perfect for an adventurous outdoor holiday that your children can learn from. At PGL, we have camps in Victoria (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland (PGL Kindilan), which make an excellent fit for your kids to enjoy electrifying activities! So, contact us today to arrange your kids' action-packed holiday camp.