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An overnight stay at a school camp opens up a whole new world of excitement and thrills for children to explore. With educational value at the heart of what we do, a PGL school camp offers a learning experience your pupils will never forget. 

If you’re considering a school camp trip for you and your pupils and want to know about the benefits of school camps, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together this handy blog, revealing a heap of exciting things children can learn and discover during their stay.


Why are school camps important?

Learning and education come in many forms and the classroom environment is important for providing a solid platform for children to develop. But, we understand it can be hard to keep motivation levels up and provide new, engaging ways for children to maximise the most from their learning.

So, that’s where PGL can help. School camp trips can offer new perspectives and help children re-engage their focus and love for learning. A school camp combines the essential elements of learning with adventure, allowing your pupils and students a chance to explore and interact with the natural world and develop new life skills. 

Plus, we’re here to help you by easing some of the pressure, so you can enjoy watching your pupils challenge themselves and develop skills away from the classroom. 

A PGL school camp is all about creating the perfect blend of educational value and stimulating experiences. We’re here to allow children an amazing opportunity to develop their emotional, social and creative skills in a spectacular outdoor landscape. They’ll also foster relationships with fellow pupils through interactions, team exercises and confidence-building challenges.


Why is resilience important for students?

Learning isn’t always easy. It’s about facing challenges, unlocking new skills and helping children to cope with setbacks. Building resilience is important for students, as it helps benefit academic performance and equips children to cope better with challenges in their lives, both in school and beyond. 

There is no better place than the outdoors to help prepare children to tackle challenges and find their feet during their development. Find out more about building children’s resilience in our blog post here.


What can overnight school camps provide for your group?

So, now you know how important school camps are in the development of children. Perhaps it’s time to think about booking a school camp and allowing you and your group to discover the wonders of PGL. Here’s a little taster of the benefits of school camp that await you at one of our three magical outdoor camp destinations! 

Physical activity

Children simply love to be outdoors, playing, exploring and having fun! The health benefits of physical exercise are huge and with such an array of inspiring things to discover and enjoy at school camp, children will leave PGL with a renewed sense of adventure and enthusiasm for physical activity. We have abseiling, aeroball, challenge courses, low ropes courses and so many more amazing outdoor activities for you and your group to enjoy during your stay. 

Develop new life experiences

How many of your pupils have ever been on a Possum Glider? Life at PGL can offer first-time encounters for many children that will leave them awe-inspired. Our school camp setting enables us to provide fun and unique learning experiences that create long-lasting memories and highlights for children for many years to come! 

Build new interactions and relationships

School interactions can be limited in the classroom, but at school camp, we encourage interactions between all group members. We promote teamwork and communication as essential skills for children to develop, and so many of our activities require children to work together, all in a fun environment. It helps build character and offers children a chance to work and build new bonds together. 

Broaden horizons and perspectives

The rural locations of our school campsites offer everybody the chance to explore the outdoors like never before. Not only is this fascinating, but it also has many benefits for mental health. Spending lots of time outdoors can invigorate a greater sense and understanding of nature for children. They can explore their curiosities and develop new perspectives to stimulate their young, developing minds. 

You can also take this opportunity to expand on this and integrate this into your learning when you’ve left camp and are back in the classroom. Ask children about what they’ve learnt and enjoyed during their time at school camp. Harnessing those great memories and new experiences is a great way for children to enjoy learning. You’ll have increased engagement from your group and a boost in productivity long after your return from camp!

A school camp is designed to tie in with learning objectives, but there are some camps that provide more opportunities than others. Camps that are situated in rural locations offer a deep insight into the natural world, with so many amazing opportunities that your students can explore. The outdoor environment provides a focus on physical exercise and social interactions too, as well as an appreciation for the natural world, helping students connect to build new relationships and develop enhanced skill sets.


Book your school camp today at PGL

With so much to see, explore and learn at PGL, we can’t wait for you to experience all this and much more in person! We have dedicated school camps for primary school children and camps for secondary school students too! 

We put you at the heart of what we do, offering a tailored itinerary to suit the learning requirements of your group. You’ll also benefit from our 100% instructor-led activity sessions, so you can relax and enjoy the fun of PGL with your students. 

Our three school camp destinations are PGL Campaspe Downs & PGL Rumbug in Victoria and PGL Kindilan in Queensland. So, contact us today and we’ll be on hand to help arrange a fantastic school camp for you and your group!