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Looking for an exciting school trip to provide your students with memories they’ll cherish? Wouldn’t it be great if it was packed full of fun and unique learning experiences too? There are lots of different learning and educational aspects to consider too, so finding the right balance of fun and learning requires some thought. 

So, to give you a little help in making your decision, we’ve compiled this article to help you choose the best school camp for your students.


What to consider when selecting your school camp destination?

Firstly, you must consider your learning objectives and the different types of school camp destinations that can help you meet them. Perhaps a visit to a camp that evokes similar themes to your classroom-based learning is your preference. Or, maybe a camp full of physical exercises and challenges to stimulate your students and get them active? 

Understanding the motives behind your school camp trip is the first step, then you can focus on how you want to help your students develop and learn. We recommend asking yourself the following questions to help you during the consideration stage to help shape your decision. 

  • What educational value does the school camp trip offer? 
  • What are you looking for your students to achieve during the camp? 
  • What type of school camp are you looking for? 
  • How does each school camp you have identified compare against your learning objectives?

Educational Value

The classroom is a great place for your students to learn the hard skills that they’ll need for exams or future employment, but camp is the best place to teach them those soft skills that will really help them succeed in life. When you think about it, what better environment is there than camp to hone their problem-solving, communication, critical thinking or teamwork skills? Resilience and adaptability will also be skills that will enhance all aspects of their lives, and these are best learned outside the four walls of a classroom.  

There will be things you want to see your students achieve during camp. A good camp provider will consult with your camp lead to assess your required learning outcomes, and then provide the best activity program to meet those specific needs. 

Activities should be geared towards achieving specific outcomes, whether that be resilience building, teamwork or just fun! A ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach for each session will help students reflect on and solidify their learnings. Whatever learning outcomes you’d like to see your students accomplish, there are school camp options available that can help you tick all the boxes you want.

Types of School camps

A school camp is designed to tie in with learning objectives, but there are some camps that provide more opportunities than others. Camps that are situated in rural locations offer a deep insight into the natural world, with so many amazing opportunities that your students can explore. The outdoor environment provides a focus on physical exercise and social interactions too, as well as an appreciation for the natural world, helping students connect to build new relationships and develop enhanced skill sets.


How a PGL school camp can help you meet your learning objectives?

So, now the hard part is over, the fun can begin and you can start choosing your school camp! At PGL, we offer three spectacular school campsites, with the perfect fusion of adventure, learning, fun and entertainment! 

Our focused approach means we’ll work closely alongside you, with a tailored itinerary designed to help you meet all of your learning objectives. We have over twenty different adventure activities at each camp for your students to tackle and enjoy. Each one is designed to inspire and enthuse students, helping to develop different skills. 

What’s more, we’ll take care of everything in its entirety, from nutritious meals throughout each day to instructor-led sessions that prioritise safety and learning above all else. That way,  instead of trying to run sessions yourself, you can relax and use this time to bond with your students and gain a greater understanding of how your students are developing throughout the camp. 

A visit to a PGL school camp means your students can develop the following skills during your time here: 

  • Increase engagement in physical activity 
  • Develop teamwork and communication by building bonds with their peers
  • A fascinating insight into the outdoors and natural world
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Stronger resilience during challenging tasks
  • A sense of fulfilment and self-achievement
  • A chance to explore new, unique experiences
  • Enhanced communication and problem-solving skills 

Throughout your stay, you’ll be able to lean on your dedicated PGL ‘Groupie’ for any advice and support. They’ll ensure you have everything you need over the course of your whole stay!


What are the best school camps in Victoria?

We have two amazing locations in Victoria that offer a school camp experience you’ll never forget. PGL Campaspe Downs is nestled amidst the stunning natural vistas of the Macedon Ranges. Here, you’ll find all our favourite PGL activities, such as canoeing, abseiling, laser tag, the giant swing and many more. 

This campsite provides a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and team-building activities, ensuring students develop valuable life skills while having a blast. 

Our other school campsite in Victoria is PGL Camp Rumbug, situated in the rural hills of South Gippsland, a two-hour drive from Melbourne. This venue will offer your students a unique educational experience in one of the state’s most spectacular locations. The activities here are just as exhilarating and offer lots of opportunities for students to enjoy and learn. Camp Rumbug activity highlights include aeroball, archery, our famous mud run, and the adrenaline-packed Flying Fox.

Both of our Victoria-based adventure camps for students offer opportunities for them to thrive. The fun never ends once the sun sets too, our range of evening entertainment programs means you don’t have to think about engaging ways to entertain your group. Once the night begins, we’ll take care of that for you! So, you can relax, unwind and enjoy the evening the same way your students will. 

For those of you situated in Queensland, our school camp at PGL Kindilan sits within 220 acres of natural bushland just 40 minutes from Brisbane, offering students the chance to explore this huge conservation area. You’ll find all your favourite PGL activities at Kindilan too, including abseiling, climbing, and scaling Jacob’s Ladder, or you can even take a blindfolded leap off the quick jump platform if you dare!


Choose PGL for your School camp visit

Our adventure camps for kids offer a unique holiday experience over school breaks. We know that before you choose whether to send your child to camp, you’ll want to know exactly what they’ll be up to day-to-day. Well, you can!

Learning, laughter and lifelong memories – we combine all three and add a sprinkling of PGL magic to deliver school camp trips that offer wonderful experiences and value for all! So, now you’ve got the full lowdown on what to consider and how PGL can help make it all a reality, it’s now time to think about booking a primary school camp or secondary school camp. 

Why not contact us today and we’ll be on hand to help arrange a fantastic school camp for you and your group!