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We have a fantastic range of accommodation options at our adventure camps, with hundreds of beds available! Lodges, cabins, roundhouses, tents — take your pick.

Whether you’re staying at PGL Campaspe Downs, PGL Camp Rumbug, or PGL Kindilan, we can assure you that your students or group will get a great night’s sleep! It’s what they need to make sure they’re recharged and ready for a day of adventurous activities.

Overnight camps for kids

Our overnight camps for kids provide a unique experience, with the opportunity to stay away from home with other children of a similar age. With a variety of accommodation options, we’ll make sure it’s their home away from home! It’s like one giant sleepover with a bunch of new friends.

PGL Campaspe Downs

PGL Campaspe downs in Victoria is just a one hour drive from Melbourne, and has 400 beds available throughout the holidays. See our accommodation options below:


Our Campaspe Downs cabins offer a comfortable, bunk-style stay, located on both sides of our central lake. It’s just like one big sleepover! Our cabins can host the following:

  • Sleeps 4-8 with en suite bathrooms
  • Sleeps 2-12 with separate toilet and shower blocks

Platform Tents

If you think the kids would love a camping experience, then why not try our Campaspe Downs platform tents? They sleep 8 people with toilets and a shower block nearby. Also, they’ll be in their own little tent village on the edge of the central lake. With the tents being located next to a grass area, it’s perfect for playing a few games before winding down for the night.

PGL Kindilan

Our huge PGL Kindilan camp can provide up to 300 beds for adventurers, with differing accommodation options to select from:

Roundhouses & Lodges

Perhaps you’ll consider one of our roundhouses & lodges for your group on their stay with us. These unique roundhouses look exactly how they sound, and can sleep four people per room, with toilet and shower facilities under the same roof. At lunchtime, or in the evening, children can relax and socialise with the others on the plentiful picnic benches just outside of the roundhouses. An ideal spot to meet new friends!

Our lodges sleep 6-12 people per room. Some have ensuite facilities, while others share toilets and showers. Whether your group is staying with fellow students they already know or people they’ve never met, these grouped rooms usually result in them coming home with many more friends that they’re itching to tell you about! We also have our ‘Koombanda’ rooms which sleep 6 people only.

Platform Tents

At PGL Kindilan, we have not one, but two platform tent villages! Children will wake up surrounded by nature. Our platform tents offer the ultimate camping experience, with a central fire pit where kids can have a singsong while toasting marshmallows and regaining energy for the fun adventure activities the next morning!

PGL Camp Rumbug

Our PGL Camp Rumbug located in the hills of South Gippsland, Victoria, can provide up to 270 beds for guests. Accommodation options include:

Planetree Lodge

Planetree Lodge has many rooms that can sleep 8-12 people. We also have a selection of ensuite rooms that can host the same number of guests. For the teachers or group leaders, you are accommodated in our triple en suite rooms (one accessible room available).

Blackwood Lodge

Alternatively, Blackwood lodge can sleep slightly larger groups of 12-14, with some rooms featuring en suites. It’s great if you’re attending PGL Camp Rumbug with lots of children, because they can easily all fit under one roof!

Epic adventure camps with PGL!

Our adventure camps for kids really are the epitome of adventure. With an array of action-packed activities, they won’t get bored! No matter if you’re a teacher searching for a secondary school camp or a primary school camp, or even if you’re a leader looking to take your groups to camp, we have an adventure available for you!

If you’re interested in sending your child on an adventure during the school holidays, then take a look at our holiday camps to see what we have to offer.

We are running holiday camps in Victoria at (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland at (PGL Kindilan)! So, contact us today and book the adventure of a lifetime for your child!