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Kids absolutely love an adventure! They enjoy getting stuck in with new and exciting games whenever they can. Which is exactly why we provide adventurous, fun outdoor activities for children that appeal to everyone’s interests, whether that’s getting creative, tackling obstacles, playing games or wanting something that’s thrilling, all is possible with outdoor play.


Why are outdoor activities important?

Yes, they’re great outdoor fun, but there’s a range of other benefits that can impact your children positively! Such as:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Developed independence
  • Boosted communication skills
  • Physical exercise
  • Builds resilience
  • Wanting to try new things
  • Developed leadership skills

Outdoor activities for children

1. Abseiling

We said adventurous and outdoor fun, and abseiling is definitely that! Children will get the chance to tackle their fear of heights (if they wish) and attempt to walk backwards over the edge of a climbing tower, with the supervision of a PGL instructor, of course. It provides a great sense of achievement and is certainly something to share with friends and family once completed. Available at Campaspe Downs and Kindilan.


2. Bush Craft

Our Bush Craft activity is a true adventure! Your kids will learn basic survival skills like how to build a shelter, knot craft and more. It’s an activity that children have probably not had too much experience with, which is why kids love it so much at PGL. It’s fantastic learning more about nature and how we can use its natural resources to keep ourselves sheltered, warm, and hydrated! It’s one of our favourite outdoor activities for children. Available at Campaspe Downs, Camp Rumbug and Kindilan.

3. Challenge Course

Who’ll be the first across our course? Well, it’s a tough challenge that requires lots of determination, that’s for sure. It’s all about how children negotiate their way past obstacles, whether that’s by going up and over, through, or around them! Available at Campaspe Downs.


4. Climbing

Another great adventure is climbing! At PGL, our qualified instructors will give children a lesson before allowing them to try and overcome our magnificent climbing wall. Children will be harnessed in and observed at all times. How they decide to navigate their way up the wall is up to them. Their friends will be giving them plenty of encouragement from the ground as well!


5. Orienteering

Orienteering might be a new challenge for some, so children will get an introduction to practical map reading before being put in teams and sent on some courses. Orienteering is a brilliant activity that is reminiscent of treasure hunting as a child, except this time the stakes are higher; competing against friends for the win! It’s a battle to locate the control points as fast as possible. Available at Campaspe Downs, Camp Rumbug and Kindilan.


6. Raft Building

This is an activity for the creative bunch. In teams, children must build a raft fit for the lake with only the components provided. Oh, and they’ll be testing it themselves, so it’s vital they build it well otherwise they could be getting a little wet! Available at Campaspe Downs, Camp Rumbug and Kindilan.


7. Quick Jump

This is another challenge for the thrillseekers! Children jump from an 18-metre tower (with a harness attached) and free fall halfway down, before the Quick Jump device kicks in and slows them down before hitting the ground. This could be one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities they have ever done! Available at Kindilan.


8. Archery

Children will be taught basic archery skills so they can have a go at hitting the bullseye. It’s all about accuracy, control and having a steady hand. Our instructors will be overseeing the session and making sure everyone shows awareness of all safety measures. Available at Campaspe Downs, Camp Rumbug and Kindilan.


Book your child’s adventurous holiday camp today

Now you know all about our outdoor activities for children, maybe you’d like to take a look at our holiday camps?

Your child’s time at PGL is about fun adventure, as well as building new friendships and developing a range of skills that they’ll benefit from.

We are running holiday camps in Victoria at (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland at (PGL Kindilan)! So, contact us today and book the adventure of a lifetime for your child!