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In need of a camp packing list for all your camping gear? Well, we’re here to help you decide what to bring to an adventure camp for your kids with our packing for camping tips! Depending on the time of year you travel, your outdoor adventure with PGL could be a muddy one, or a very warm one. So, here’s our long list of packing essentials.


Adventure Camp packing list

It’s crucial to make sure you’ve got all the items required from our camp packing list that will get your children ready for an adventure camp.

Nightwear & Underwear

It’s important that your kids are comfy at nightime, so make sure you’ve got some PJ’s packed for them. Oh, and don’t forget about underwear! Remember to pack plenty of socks which cover your ankles whilst on camp due to the conditions may mean you’ll need multiple pairs a day!


We recommend that you pack a couple of towels. Then your kids will have one for drying off after a shower, and one for after those thrilling watersports during their camp adventure.

Pants/Leggings for activities

A few pairs of pants or leggings are a must for camp! These will get dirty or wet from the activities so any that you’re happy with getting muddy are best. Don’t pack jeans though, because if they get wet they become incredibly heavy and take a long time to dry. Whilst packing for camp try to bring thin pants that will dry quickly!


Are your kids going to a camp during summer? Well don’t forget to pack some shorts for the hot weather! Shorts should be down to the knee so that wearing a harness is more comfortable. Swimwear is also something your kids should bring for any of the watersports activities. Leave the bikinis at home and opt for a one piece.

Runners for activities/watersports

Whether your kids are tackling some low ropes or canoeing , they’ll need some runners while on camp. They don’t need to be anything special, just something they can take part in adventures with! Old ones are best as they will get wet, and likely muddy too!

Shoes for indoors & evenings

Remember to pack for camp a pair of shoes for the evenings and other activities. We put on lots of great evening entertainment for your kids, so a clean pair of shoes are perfect for times like these.


The evenings can get chilly, so add a fleece and a jumper or two to your adventure camp packing list. They might not need it, but it’s always handy to have the option in case it does get cold at night.

T-shirts/Tops (Short sleeved & long sleeved)

Your kids are going to be running around all day taking part in activities, so having some tops or t-shirts to change into when getting clean and dry is important. Some of our activities require arms to be covered, so it’s worth packing something long-sleeved in their bag too!

Waterproof jacket/Warm coat

The weather is always unpredictable, so we advise bringing a waterproof jacket or a warm coat, because when it rains, the activities continue! Your kids are here for an adventure. A little rain won’t stop us!

Evening clothes

Evening clothes are for once the day’s activities are complete. These won’t get dirty so you can pack whatever you want.

A hat

Whether it’s hot or cold, a hat is essential. It can keep the sun off kids’ heads and necks, or keep them warm in the winter.

Sleeping bag & Pillow

Before you try and squash these in the camp bag, check they aren’t included as part of your booking. If they’re not then you must bring your own. It’s the true camp experience!

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Often forgotten, it could be a smelly mistake if you don’t pack a plastic bag for your child’s wet clothes. It just keeps the wet stuff separate from everything else, keeping the rest of their clothes clean and fresh.

Camp Bag

A small bag is useful for carrying around a few items for the day’s activities, like clothes and water bottles. Bringing us on nicely to our next essential…

Refillable water bottle

We have plenty of taps for your kids to refill their water bottles during the day. It’s vital they stay hydrated throughout the day after getting involved with the day’s challenges and adventures.

This is a must for any camp packing list!


This will come in very handy to find things at night!


There’s quite a few toiletries you should add to your child’s camp packing list, including:

  • Soap or shower gel
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Sunscreen


Epic adventure holiday camps with PGL!

This list covers everything your child will need for a PGL adventure school camp with their school, or holiday camps.

There is no need to bring any first kits, toilet paper or cooking utensils as PGL provides these all on-site for our camping trips.

Our holiday camps boast adventure, fun, and self-development. With a fantastic selection of action-packed activities, your child won’t get bored this school holiday! If you want to print out a full list of our top 20 essentials to pack for a PGL camp, then you can do so here!

We are running holiday camps in Victoria at (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland at (PGL Kindilan)! So, contact us today and book the adventure of a lifetime for your child!