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School’s almost out. And you know what that means. Holiday adventures! (for your kids, of course). If you’re looking for something more adventurous than your kids’ usual school holiday plans, then why not take a look at some outdoor adventure camps?

Initiative exercises are a surefire way to get your students’ brains tingling. They challenge your class in a number of ways, negotiating with their team to tackle problem-solving and to make decisions as a group and much more. To make it even better, they’re extremely fun, making them an excellent way for students to foster team-building skills while enjoying themselves.

At PGL, we have initiative exercises as part of our team-building outdoor activities when you’re on a school camp with us. Students will take part in mental challenges and must work together to succeed! These are all key skills that they will need to take with them throughout their school and their working lives when the time comes.


How initiative exercises will help team-building skills

But what is it exactly about initiative exercises that are so beneficial for developing team-building skills? You’re about to find out.


Students need to have a plan about how they will approach each initiative challenge, and this is great practice for how students can approach tasks together back in the classroom. Before diving right in, planning is key. Having time to look over the challenge and discuss the best ways to solve it can benefit students in the long run and help prevent them from making mistakes along the way.


As always, communication is one of the most critical skills in life itself. Initiative exercises encourage students to communicate before and during the challenge. Effective communication in this challenge is the key to success, as they work as a team to solve the challenge with input from everyone. You’ll see different communication styles between different students, and this provides valuable real-life examples that you, along with our Groupie, can use to help them learn and grow.

Decision Making

Which is the best approach? That’s up to the team to decide. Initiative exercises promote team-building skills in ways such as making decisions. Is it a collective vote, or are group leaders appointed? A vote is a great way to decide on an approach based on everyone’s thoughts, and voting for a leader to make decisions could save time! Ultimately, this challenge requires quick decision-making skills so teams can solve the challenge in the fastest way possible. This type of learning is invaluable and will stand them in good stead back in the classroom and beyond. Book your kids’ adventure-filled holiday camp today

Our team-building outdoor activities

As well as our initiative exercises, we also offer an array of team-building outdoor activities that help boost students’ skills. Take a look:

Low Ropes

Students must work together to make sure every team member makes it across the obstacles without touching the floor. Even though the low ropes are just a few metres off the ground, it doesn’t make them any easier. It’s a tremendously fun challenge reminiscent of the classic school-ground game; the floor is lava!

Sensory Trail

This activity is ideal for developing teamwork skills. Students must move through the trail without being able to see, as they’ll have blacked-out goggles on. It’s all about understanding the importance of their other senses, including hearing. Communication is vital to team building, and this challenge needs fantastic group communication to reach the end. Sensory Trail is always one of everyone’s favourite team-building outdoor activities!

Team Challenge

Team Challenge includes a variety of adventurous and physical activities which need participation from everyone involved to come out on top. Cooperation skills are also encouraged so the group can work better together!


Challenge your students to initiative exercises with PGL

If you’re looking for some Brisbane or Melbourne team-building activities, then our Primary school camps or Secondary school camps could be for you. 

Life at PGL is about fun and adventure, but it’s also about building new bonds and developing your students’ life skills. These ‘intangible’ skills such as adaptability, leadership, teamwork and decision-making are increasingly important in the workforce, and a PGL camp offers your students the opportunity to hone these skills in a fun and positive way.

We run school camps in Victoria at (PGL Campaspe Downs & PGL Camp Rumbug) and Queensland at (PGL Kindilan). So, contact us today and book your students’ adventure of a lifetime.