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School’s almost out. And you know what that means. Holiday adventures! (for your kids, of course). If you’re looking for something more adventurous than your kids’ usual school holiday plans, then why not take a look at some outdoor adventure camps?

At PGL, we have loads of thrilling summer camp activities to keep your kids entertained! They’ll have a blast trying our adventurous challenges and making the most of their school holidays.

So what exactly can you expect on one of our holiday camps? Get comfortable as we go through what your kids will get up to with us!


How their day will go…

Of course, we’ll kick off with the most important meal of the day, breakfast, to give your kids the energy they need to take on the fun-filled day ahead! They’ll head to the dining room with friends and choose a nutritious morning meal, including cereals, toast, a cooked breakfast and fruit. 

Then it’s off to their morning summer camp activities, where they’ll undertake two different adventure activities. After a few hours of immense fun, it’s lunchtime! Reenergise and refuel, ready for the rest of the day’s antics. We said your kids would have a jam-packed itinerary, so it’s off to the rest of the outdoor activities for the day. Another two of our exciting challenges and games to see out the day. But that’s not all. After a delicious and filling dinner, we move on to the relaxed evening activities such as our Photo Challenge, Quizzes, and more! 

As the day comes to an end, it’s time to chill out, watch a movie, and have a bit of downtime. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep because it’s time to do it all over again in the morning!


Holiday camp activities 

Our holiday camp activities are a wonderful mix of fun, adventure and learning. We’re all about providing your kids with an extraordinary holiday camp experience!


Kids can channel their inner survival instincts in this fun and creative Bushcraft activity. They’ll be challenged to build a shelter in teams and learn the basics of water filtration, knot craft and signalling. It’s a great challenge for kids who love to be in nature!


One tower standing tall and just one challenge; get to the top. But it’s not that simple. Kids must take on obstacles during their ascent and overcome them to come out victorious. Centipede is one of our most unique holiday camp activities, and kids love it!


paddle at the same time. Kids will develop their paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills in a number of games. It’s challenging, but so much fun! 

Possom Glider

This is an exhilarating activity for the thrillseekers in the group. A team will pull a rope sending one person up almost 15 metres into the tree canopy and swinging right to the very top! It’s a brilliant activity that encourages communication and teamwork.


Book your kids’ adventure-filled holiday camp today

So, now you know exactly what your child will be up to and what kinds of summer camp activities they’ll be enjoying, maybe you’d like to take a look at our Summer camps!

No matter your child’s age, there are always other children of similar ages for them to make new friends and connections. Life at PGL is about fun and adventure, but it’s also about building new bonds and developing your child’s communication skills, resilience and confidence. 

We are running holiday camps in Victoria at (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland at (PGL Kindilan) this Summer! So, register your interest today and book the adventure of a lifetime for your child!