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Engaging students in learning activities can be one of the tricky aspects of teaching. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you with a few ideas to engage your students in learning.


At PGL, we know all about how to engage students! With our fantastic school residential camps for primary and secondary, your students will have a blast learning a range of skills while taking part in adventurous activities with their friends.


Why engaging your students in learning activities is important 

If students aren’t interested in the topic or tasks, they’re not fully focused, making it harder for them to retain information. This is why engaging your students in learning is so important. Through various strategies, you can try and get your students more involved with current topics, helping them improve their quality of learning. 


Strategies for engaging students in learning activities

Here are some ways we thought you could try to engage your students:


Active Learning

Sometimes just sitting and listening can make students lose interest in the topic, especially with the younger ones. So why not try an approach that promotes active learning? This could include many ways of encouraging students to take part and have a say, whether it’s a discussion or quick tasks.


Relate learning to the real world

It’s a fairly common question we’re sure you’ve heard before: “When will we use this after school?” Well, by making sure you can relate learning to the real world, you’ll be able to answer this question and help students realise the importance of the topic.


Focus on students’ interests

Find ways to incorporate your students’ interests into questions, tasks and activities. You could pose questions in the context of their interests, so they are more engaged. This way, they’re more interested in the tasks you’re setting them because it’s relatable.


Group work tasks

Group work is one of the most engaging activities for students. Whether working in pairs or small groups, it’s an excellent opportunity to let students work with peers to complete tasks. It can help build students’ confidence and engage them by working collaboratively.


Use a variety of resources

There are so many resources out there. Video, audio and more! These are fantastic ways to vary students’ learning so they’re constantly engaged by the different teaching and learning methods. 


Learning activities at PGL


Initiative Exercises

Students tackle these mental challenges individually, or as part of a team. It’s a fantastic way to build on students’ problem-solving skills as they think of the best way to solve the physical puzzles.



This is a fun adventure for your students! In teams, they must find the fastest way to the control points, using their map reading and decision making skills.


Raft building

Do your students have a creative mind? Well this is the activity for them! They must work together to create a raft using only the materials provided. It’s a great opportunity for students to get their creative juices flowing as they collaborate in this tricky task. 


Engage your students at PGL!

We offer plenty of engaging learning activities and adventures when you book a residential school trip with PGL. Our camps are so much fun for students and make for an unforgettable time!

At PGL, we have school camps in Victoria (PGL Campaspe Downs & PGL Rumbug) and Queensland (PGL Kindilan), which make an excellent fit for your students to enjoy thrilling activities! So, contact us today to arrange your next residential school trip.