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Do your little ones love the outdoors? Are they starting to enjoy freedom and would rather adventure with friends than sit and watch a film with their parents? If they’ve reached eight-years-old, then they’re definitely ready for a PGL holiday camp!

At PGL, we offer overnight holiday camps and day camps at our Campaspe Downs (Kyneton, Victoria) and Kindilan (Redland Bay, Queensland) sites. Your kids will be busy bees as they take part in a whole range of fun and adventurous activities during our holiday programmes. Our camps are available for 8 to 14-year-olds and are a fantastic place to help them let off some steam during the holidays.


Why 8-14 years old?

There are reasons why our camps are only available for these ages. Eight-year-olds are usually in around Grade 3 when schools begin their exciting residential camp programmes. It’s the ideal age to start introducing independence, and we think anything younger can often be too young to separate them from their parents. Homesickness can be a problem with little ones that aren’t ready to stay away from their parents, and we think as they reach eight years old, that feeling begins to disappear. 

When it comes to teenagers, we find that up to 14 years is a great age to really engage and enjoy holiday camp activities.  After this age, engagement can become more difficult , which is why we believe 8-14 year olds are the best ages to send your child on a holiday camp. 


What makes holiday camps so great?

Where do we start? Not only will they be the most fun your kids have ever had, but the games and challenges are designed to build on numerous skills, such as resilience, communication and team building. Of course, fun, excitement and adventure are the number one priority, but if they also help them learn new skills and develop others, then we’ve all hit the jackpot!

We also love holiday camps because we thrive on seeing kids grow in self confidence and become more independent through outdoor play and learning activities. Meeting and mixing with new people can really help with this, and you never know, they could be coming home with a new bestie. 


Outdoor learning activities for early years

Eager to find out what kind of holiday programme activities we offer? Not to worry, here are some of our favourites for the slightly younger ones.


Bush Craft

This is an ideal introduction to camping in the wilderness and forests. Working as a team, your kids will learn basic survival skills through outdoor activities such as building a shelter, water filtration, knot craft and signalling. If your kids love an adventure, then they’ll relish this.

Bush craft is one of our favoured outdoor learning ideas, as early years children gain a lot of independence and new life skills from this activity.


Low Ropes

Kids must work their way across the obstacles on ropes and avoid touching the floor. It’s a great opportunity to develop teamwork and communication skills, as well as personal skills such as balance and problem solving as they navigate their way through this fun outdoor activity.


Sensory Trail

Kids must tap into all five of their senses to succeed in this activity. With goggles blocking vision, they must manoeuvre through the trail while working together to complete games along the way. Sensory play is always fun for early years children experiencing outdoor learning activities for the first time as it encourages communication and team building. 


Ball Sports

Kids can play all their favourite ball games here too. Football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, you name it, we’ve got it. It’s a fantastic chance for the kids to mix and socialise as they team up to play some good old sports.


Book your kids’ adventurous holiday camp today!

Our holiday camps give your kids an unforgettable summer holiday! We hope we’ve given you some holiday programme activity ideas to keep your children entertained throughout the school holidays. 

With kids of similar ages and staff who make sure the school holiday activities are done safely and with ultimate fun, our adventure camps are perfect for an adventurous outdoor holiday that your children can learn from.

At PGL, we have camps in Victoria (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland (PGL Kindilan), which make an excellent fit for your kids to enjoy electrifying activities! So, contact us today to arrange your kids’ action-packed holiday camp.