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Want to get to know your high school students better? Well, with outdoor team-building games, you’ll learn how your students interact with others in an environment outside of the classroom. And we all know people’s true colours come out when things become competitive! 


Why outdoor team-building games?

They’re a fantastic way to engage your students in activities with each other, building teamwork, improving communication and developing problem-solving skills. When your students are comfortable and having the most fun, you see them come out of their shells. Surrounded by friends and getting involved in exhilarating activities, it’s every kid’s dream!


Outdoor team building activities for high school students

At PGL, we have many games and activities designed to encourage teamwork, allowing students to express themselves with creativity and fun! Here are some of our fun outdoor team-building games that can help you to get to know your students, and for students to get to know each other!


Challenge Course

A PGL favourite, students must work together to get past obstacles that lie ahead. With this challenge, you’ll see how each student negotiates with their team to devise the best plan. And, you might see a different side to some students. One that you may never see in the classroom. The quiet ones could become leaders. You’ll only know if they’re exposed to these kinds of adventures (available at PGL Campaspe Downs).


Team Challenge

Watch your students compete in several different adventure activities. Everybody requires cooperation and participation, so it’s an excellent opportunity to see the usually disengaged students interact with others working towards a common goal: To win!

The team challenge is available at our Campaspe Downs, Camp Rumbug, and Kindilan camps. So come on down to give your students an experience they’ll never forget.


Raft Building

Inspiring creativity, efficiency and collaboration, raft building can be where things get wild. Students must work in teams to build a raft with the materials given. You’ll see a melting pot of ideas between the teams, and the challenging task is for students to agree on what to go for. Bearing in mind, they will test these rafts on our lakes…

It’s an excellent task for you to listen in on your students’ ideas and see how the cogs in their brains begin to turn when a unique task is presented to them. Which student will have a lightbulb moment in this task and show off their problem-solving skills?


How do these help you learn more about your students?

When you observe students in their element with team building activities, you see a fully engaged and comfortable child doing something they want to do. This could help you as their teacher find what engages your students, helping you take some ideas back to the classroom, whether creative exercises, collaborative tasks, or problem-solving challenges. 

These outdoor team-building games and activities will give you ideas on getting to know your high school students.


Are your kids ready for an adventure?!

Our outdoor residential camps are designed to help your kids develop a variety of core skills, paired with providing them with an epic adventure with classmates.

With skilled and trained activity instructors delivering many sessions, your students will get the most out of each team-building activity with their support. And your dedicated PGL Group Leader is there for anything you need during your entire stay.

At PGL, we have school camps in Victoria (Campaspe Downs & Camp Rumbug) and Queensland (Kindilan), which make an excellent fit for your students to enjoy an immersive adventure! So, contact us today to arrange your outdoor residential camp.