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Are you looking for adventurous and entertaining school holiday activities for your kids to get involved with this summer? We’ve got an enormous selection of ideas your kids will love!


What to do in the school holidays 

At PGL, we offer holiday camps for your kids, full of unique activities and fantastic experiences. And, all this while having the best time making new friends and getting stuck in with adventures. 

Explore nature with bushcraft

The summer holidays are on the horizon and what better way for your kids to shake off the school year and reconnect with nature than with bushcraft. How does learning basic survival skills in the bush sound? 

Well, at our holiday camps, they can! Your kids will learn key bush skills like building a shelter, filtering water, crafting knots, and signalling. Before you know it they’ll be an expert in bushcraft. We’re sure they’ll be itching to show you their new skills when they get back, so expect them to bombard you with a keenness for camping!


If you’re searching for what to do in the summer holidays, then you can’t beat a good old ball game! Aeroball is a cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball, and is heaps of fun!

Played in a specially-designed aeroball court, four players aim to get the ball into the opposing player’s net, all while bouncing on a trampoline! This is a high energy activity with team tactics and communication coming in very handy.

Raft building

Raft building is an exciting challenge that every kid should get to try. With PGL, kids are split into teams where they must design and create a raft using only the materials provided. And, with the ultimate test at the end of the task, will their raft sink or float?

A challenge to get your kids socialising with new people, this activity also promotes teamwork and fosters an environment where all suggestions are welcome. No idea is a bad idea.  

Laser tag*

Laser tag is a unique interactive team game with futuristic elements that’ll keep your little ones laughing. It’s an ideal school holiday activity to explore our bushland! Like paintball (except it’s pain-free and you’ll have no paint marks), players work together to beat their opponents by using laser shooters to shoot laser beams and take points from another player. (*Laser Tag available only at PGL Campaspe Downs)


Book your kids’ thrilling holiday camp today!

Our holiday camps give your kids an unforgettable summer holiday! We hope we’ve given you some school holiday activity ideas to keep your children entertained throughout the summer break. 

With kids of similar ages and staff who make sure the school holiday activities are done safely and with maximum fun, our holiday camps are perfect for an action-packed summer holiday.

At PGL, we have camps in Victoria (PGL Campaspe Downs) and Queensland (PGL Kindilan), which make an excellent fit for your kids to enjoy electrifying activities! So, contact us today to arrange your kids’ adventurous summer holiday camp.