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Choosing the right school camp is important – you’ll want learning opportunities, a safe and friendly environment, comfortable accommodation and plenty of good quality food.

Our centres for school camps in Victoria are Camp Rumbug, near Wilsons Prom and Campaspe Downs, in the Macedon Ranges.

Run by friendly PGL teams, our Victorian camps provide the best in outdoor adventure in outstanding natural surroundings.

We asked our Victorian centre managers Matt from Camp Rumbug and Dan from Campaspe Downs to tell us a bit about what they think makes each of their camps special for school groups.

Matt, Camp Rumbug

“Our location in Victoria couldn’t be better – we’ve got magnificent views, a beautiful rural setting and we’re surrounded by temperate rainforest. We’re close to Wilsons Prom National Park, Waratah Bay is 30 minutes away – the beaches are pristine and well worth a visit. The wildlife on centre includes resident platypus, deer, wombats, possums and wallabies– to name just a few. Of course we’re visited by kangaroos and koalas as well!”

What do kids think is the best thing about a school camp at Camp Rumbug?

“The whole experience! Getting out of school, trying new activities, having fun with mates and of course getting really, really muddy! “

What do teachers think is the best thing about school camps at Camp Rumbug?

“Feedback from teachers usually mention the helpful staff here, the range of activities, the environment and the organisation of the group leaders. We’ve got the advantage of a big range of accommodation types to suit different groups, for example many primary school groups like having their whole group under one roof. We also give teachers peace of mind with their school camp – our safety systems meet state and federal Education Safety Guidelines and Camp Rumbug has received ATAP accreditation. “

What do returning customers have to look forward to on their next school camp with us?

“We’re continually investing back into the centre to improve accommodation and activities. Currently we’re working on more en suites being installed in Blackwood Lodge and new activities such as the Dual Giant Swing and two more tree climbs up magnificent Mountain Ash trees!“

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Dan, Campaspe Downs

“The best thing about our setting is undoubtedly the myriad of wildlife and natural, unspoiled bush! The landscape at Campaspe Downs offers a bit of everything, wide open paddocks, cultivated oval and games space for young people (and staff!) as well as the large dams across the site and the pockets of native bush all over the site. When you add the natural inclines, hollows and open areas the site really does offer something for everyone.

Seasonality is big part of living in country-VIC, especially where Campaspe is located, fairly centrally. When it rains, it really rains, and when it’s hot, it pushes 40 degrees! And it’ because of that we have such a range of flowers and trees and grasses, as well as all the animals that call Campaspe Downs home too.

Personally I love the fact that while I’m living and working in the outdoors, I’m only a stone’s throw from Melbourne and have the convenience and ‘luxury’ that big cities can offer.”

What would you say kids think is the best thing about a school camp experience at Campaspe?

“Hands down, we have some of the best activities in Australia! Kids tell me all the time…!
All of the activities we’ve built have been designed to allow maximum participation – making sure all the young people have a chance to have lots of goes!”

What would you say party leaders think is the best thing?

“The support and flexibility that our staff team offer leaders is the number one compliment I hear most often, especially the work the Group Leaders do. We try very hard pre-booking to make sure we have listened and actioned all of the groups’ requests so that when they arrive their programme is totally bespoke, I don’t like the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Group Leaders are capable of managing large groups of young people while at the same time helping party leaders to ensure every aspect of their stay is going well. Party Leaders often tell me that having the Group Leader available to lead free-time games or manage the evening programme is a huge bonus as it gives them a break and a chance to watch their young people interacting with each other without the direct involvement of teachers or their supervising adults.

I’m also told, that having someone who knows the site in detail and can organise changes and last-minute requests with ease is a big help too, as they feel they get more from their stay with us; specific games to play, specific activities to do, specific places to reflect etc.”

What’s different about Campaspe compared to other centres you’ve worked in?

“I’ve worked all over the world, at the biggest and possibly the smallest sites PGL runs… I’ve been very fortunate in that respect.
Campaspe Downs brings an ‘olde worlde’ charm with its architecture and building design, especially as so much of the building material is weatherboard, totally typical of buildings and houses in our small part of the world. Our 154 acres of natural bush feels very open, natural and not man-made in any way.”

What advantages does Campaspe have over other local competitors?

“We have multiple, large indoor spaces that offer themselves to a variety of uses. To date, we’ve had a huge variety of different groups enjoy our site. I think one of our biggest strengths is that we deal with each group so closely before they travel to make sure we plan and deliver a Camp that is what they’re after. It starts from the point of sale, everything we do for that group helps to them to achieve their objectives. I’m not sure if many camps in Australia can offer the same level of flexibility for all their groups… it’s standard for us.”

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