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We talk about using ‘ Plan-Do-Review’ in our programs, but what does it really mean?

We start by setting objectives with the party leader – so that we understand what their goals are for the group – improving teamwork, developing leadership skills, increasing confidence etc.

Using a ‘plan-do-review’ approach helps students assess and understand what they’ve learnt from the activity – the connections, the insights and the impact it has on their own behaviour.


Plan-Do- Review can apply to any activity – using Raft Building as an example:


Plan :

We present the group with the task and give them materials necessary to complete it. They are encouraged to plan a design that will support them in the water and can be paddled. They may need to work out some knots and line up barrels to see how many they’d need to fit the whole group.

The aim of this activity is to ensure the group work together, supporting and encouraging each other. They should be able to develop communication, problem solving and leadership skills.


They build the raft according to their plan – with help and guidance along the way from their instructors and teachers.

Then they attempt to float it – if it floats they can get on, if not, then back to the planning stage!


If it didn’t float – what stopped it floating? Can it be changed? Was there a design flaw? The group can work together to discuss those issues.

If it did float – what did they do well? Could they have improved their communication or leadership styles to work together better? Were they supportive and encouraging of their team?

Having self-reflection built into our program means that the learning from an activity is more than just the activity itself. We find that it encourages teamwork and a sense of achievement.


A group of young people wearing helmets and life jackets enthusiastically paddle a raft through splashing water on a sunny day.

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