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Are your students preparing to transition from primary to high school? This shift marks an important milestone in their personal and educational journey, but it can also be a source of stress and nerves. As teachers, there are several things you can do to support your students every step of the way. 


Three boys in outdoor clothing and harnesses laugh and interact joyfully in a grassy field.

5 Ways to support your students’ transition to high school

From teaching social skills to providing emotional support, here’s how you can make this primary school to high school transition a breeze.

Encourage independence

One of the key elements in transitioning to high school is fostering independence. In high school, students are expected to take ownership of their learning. You can help them set realistic goals and deadlines, while also teaching time management skills and how to organise tasks effectively. By empowering your students to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions, you’re helping them build confidence and resilience.

Orientation programmes

Orientation programmes play a vital role in helping students familiarise themselves with their new environment. With that said, consider hosting Q&A sessions where they can ask questions and address any concerns they may have. This initial exposure will ease their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable as they transition from primary to high school. 

Prepare in advance 

Transitioning to high school can be academically challenging for some students. Help them prepare by offering additional support in core subjects such as maths or science, with access to resources like study guides, tutoring sessions, and online learning platforms. This instils good study habits and techniques, which will set them up for success in high school and beyond.

Ice-breaker activities

Ice-breaker activities are a fun and engaging way to help students build relationships with their peers as they transition to high school. Activities like team-building exercises, group projects, and class discussions help to promote collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. They’re also crucial for developing essential social skills needed to make friends and interact confidently. 

Offer emotional support

Everyone remembers their first day of high school, and the mixture of emotions we felt, from excitement and apprehension. To ease the transition from primary to high school, teachers can create a safe space where students feel comfortable expressing their feelings. This can include offering one-on-one counselling sessions and peer support groups, allowing students to seek guidance and advice from their classmates.

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Book a school adventure camp!

Looking for a unique and memorable way to support your students’ transition to high school? Consider booking an outdoor primary school camp with PGL! 

We offer students the opportunity to bond with their peers, develop leadership skills, and gain hands-on experience through a range of challenging and adventurous activities, including Abseiling, Raft Building, Bush Craft and much more! 

Contact us today and we’ll help create an unforgettable experience that will set the tone for a successful transition to high school.